Clumsy Ninja MOD APK 1.33.2 (Unlimited money)

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NameClumsy Ninja APK
PublisherNaturalMotionGames Ltd
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.0+
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Ninja games are being loved by many gamers. Clumsy Ninja is one of the games that many people choose. You will train Ninja to perform every skillful move. Quickly find your missing friend Kira. Train Ninja, complete outstanding missions. A game that brings high entertainment, get relaxation time after stressful working hours. A great choice just for you, offering the most exciting game modes. Step into the life of the Ninja, caring and raising thoughtfully.

Clumsy Ninja mod download

Download Clumsy Ninja mod – Ninja training

The game lets you be the owner of the lovely Ninja. Players will have to raise and ensure it has the best life. You can do whatever you want with Ninja. To be able to relieve stress and fatigue quickly. A variety of jobs will be provided for players to perform. You can even torture Ninja as a way to relieve stress and life pressure. Clumsy Ninja brings a lot of fun, making for high entertainment. Care, play, torture… everything is decided by the player.

Clumsy Ninja mod

Continuing to be a game with pet gameplay, but bringing many new experiences. Players can do whatever actions they want with Ninja. Beating, teasing, throwing characters up high… Train Ninja to become more skillful and smarter. If you are looking for a pet game, do not ignore Clumsy Ninja. From the image, the game mode has created a massive attraction for the gaming community. Simple gameplay, many diverse tasks to not make players bored. Upgrade more training experience, get more skills to train Ninja.

Clumsy Ninja mod apk

Join the Ninja on the mission

Go to places, travel with Ninja, perform many quests. You will start playing with tasks from the simplest to the most difficult. Although the game initially mentioned finding Kira, it hasn’t started yet. The gameplay given is that you will need to complete training courses. The difficulty levels will also increase gradually as you get to higher levels of play. Learn more new tricks, find ways to meet Kira again quickly. Clumsy Ninja offers a number of free training courses. However, to expand more special skills, use the money to unlock new training courses.

Clumsy Ninja mod free

Change appearance for Ninja

Customize the appearance of the character to be more prominent by adding beautiful costumes and accessories. You can buy clothes, glasses… to change the style. Choose your favorite suits, transform for Ninja. Capture every moment of the Ninja, every action it does. A lot of surprises ahead are waiting for players to discover. How the Ninja is shown, all depends on your choice. Bringing the best image for the character, transforming the appearance through each game screen.

Clumsy Ninja mod android

Companion in every location

Every trip will be accompanied by Ninja, moving to all areas. Each place will let you start with different missions. Control, control every action that Ninja will perform. Clumsy Ninja offers a fun adventure with a cute Ninja friend. Experience every special moment with Ninja, get more training experience. After completing each mission, the player will level up, gain new experience. Continue to move to many other locations, immerse yourself in the trip with Ninja.

A virtual pet game, but what it brings is not virtual at all. Players are cared for, trained Ninja thoughtfully. When you are tired and frustrated, Ninja is also an effective way for you to vent your anger. Interact and accompany Ninja, quickly complete all levels. Unlock more professional training courses, making Ninja more intelligent and more skillful. Download Clumsy Ninja mod to take care of Ninja in your own style.

Download Clumsy Ninja MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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