City Island 5 MOD APK 4.0.1 (Unlimited money)

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NameCity Island 5 APK
PublisherSparkling Society - Build Town City Building Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Build cities with massive constructions, on beautiful islands. City Island 5 is a game for you to be a mayor to manage the town. Development for this place is shown with a busier life. Solid buildings will be built by you. Create the most beautiful space and let the scale of the whole city be expanded. City Island 5 will let players do everything they want on the islands. Design and build to every idea you desire. Not just developing for a city but much more. Start on every island and make a bustling city.

City Island 5 mod free

Be a town manager and play an important role. Players will need to arrange jobs and projects properly. Quickly achieve the goals as planned. Explore many new lands and build high-rise buildings. Not only stopping there, but you will also need to invest in buying new land lots. Not everything is made available to the player. Therefore, you will need to exploit and spend money to buy land. Use new strategies to take the city to new heights quickly. Join City Island 5 and build a rich and beautiful city.

City Island 5 mod download

Download City Island 5 mod – Build a city on the islands

Gather many beautiful islands for players to choose from. From those islands, you will start with the works you want. Restaurants, shopping malls, banks, buildings… Everything can be built on the islands you love. Do it fast and work at full speed, completing all projects as soon as possible. In addition, players will also need to have specific work plans. Transform from an unspoiled island into a beautiful town. Explore and circulate the road system, creating favorable conditions for travel. Each island will help players build a bustling and prosperous neighborhood. If you love this construction job, don’t miss City Island 5. Work on every island and get the constructions of your dreams.

City Island 5 mod apk

Urban development

Initially, you will manage from a town with a not too large scale. To own a more spacious and spacious city, players need to expand the area. Depending on the different islands, you will need to have your construction methods. Each island will have another characteristic, you will need to know how to explore and build. Let the town rise to become a big city, full of centers, and a destination for many people. In addition, you can also visit nearby cities. Learn more experience, the layout of works in the town. That will make the urban scale more perfect. Players will also have new creative ideas for this place to shine.

City Island 5 mod android

City construction

Bringing diverse tasks, different jobs for you to perform. Unlock buildings and go find treasure. After each completion of the assigned task, you will receive the bonus amount. Start with each building on each island. Make the city appear with tall buildings, entertainment centers, hospitals… Modern facilities, a system of sure traffic routes. Up to higher levels, players will also be opened hundreds of new buildings. More islands will also appear for you to continue with more projects. Making this place from being a wild area to being more bustling and livable. Not only for players to manage a city, but also countless other cities.

City Island 5 mod

City worth living

Set foot on the islands, explore many new areas. You will need to complete the construction on each of the different islands. Once you have the money after completing each task, you can also use the money to invest. Expand more resorts, comfortable apartments. From there, it will attract many people to come here and visit. City Island 5 brings life in the city in real life. Full range of locations, spacious living areas. Let’s constantly upgrade and design to make the city more beautiful. To make this place a stopover for everyone. Do things well and get more bonuses. Download City Island 5 mod to explore islands, develop cities.

Download City Island 5 MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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