City Island 2 MOD APK 150.3.0 (Unlocked building, area)

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NameCity Island 2 APK
PublisherSparkling Society - Build Town City Building Games
MOD FeaturesUnlocked building, area
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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City Island 2 joins the island-building city-building simulator with fellow dreamers. You will bring joy and life to the residents here. What you are about to create will be a happy life, and you can earn money to survive. Start the roads, then the streets, and continue to decorate. You will design these wonderful works yourself to give to people. Moreover, new challenges will also appear, stirring up the atmosphere here. Modern city life is bustling and shimmering under the lights. Create a living space filled with joy with the people on the island.

City Island 2 android

Download City Island 2 mod – Build a dream city on the island

The island that City Island 2 offers is a remote place, maybe isolated but full of fun. A fun and creative adventure for the player. You will be the designer of skyscrapers and businesses to have fun or create jobs for people. Buildings are erected quickly; decoration operations need to be carried out daily so as not to be delayed to another work. With the title of city tycoon, you must have sharp thinking and a high aesthetic taste. Must put on a new outfit for the island and choose the best for the people. Your dream is gradually being realized with countless surprises ahead.

City Island 2 mod apk

The city’s people are also a resource that gives you a challenge; if you do it well, you will succeed. With experience and a burning passion for construction, you can do it. Let’s look forward to the beautiful works on this remote island. Bustling life, attracting every other citizen to visit, a cycle that repeats and lingers. Everyone’s life needs to be maintained regularly. Let’s make a different island overnight. You can completely design high-rise buildings with vibrant colors. Arrange the works reasonably to look convenient and convenient for living.

City Island 2 apk

Create many new locations

In addition to skyscrapers, City Island 2 gives you many other choices. You can build more roads, trains, railways, amusement parks, and other structures. Those facilities are made for a long time because they can’t be completed in a day or two. You accompany the works through the days and have a lot of fun. Know how to balance the buildings and interweave more trees and flower gardens to look more eye-catching. In addition, these structures must be maintained for a long time. Upgrading them regularly is also the ultimate protection you can use.

City Island 2 mod

Bringing joy to people

When you complete beautiful, massive projects on such a monumental scale, there need to be people living. They will create jobs, generate income, and help you get rich. As a real tycoon, you must take care of the residents here to be happy and peaceful. But it is the people here who will bring you challenges to confirm your position. Attract residents to places of entertainment, entertainment, and living in high-rise buildings. The city’s construction also fulfills the dreams of people around here. The strange island is now so famous, life has sparked faith, and people are waiting for the results.

City Island 2 apk free

Collect rewards

City Island 2 helps players conquer valuable rewards to maintain the city’s life. Thanks to the revenue, residents work hard or go to find gold to become rich. When you have a lot of money, new buildings are automatically unlocked. You have an investment, and the money in those works generates more interest. Bringing life to people is your most tremendous success. Level up new levels and experience many exciting challenges from islanders. Collect rewards as you play, owning the largest city on the island. Prove your city tycoon title is worthy.

City Island 2 opens up a playground for those who love home design and want to be creative. Your intelligence grows more and more if the experience is high. New challenges are released. In turn, you receive and successfully handle them to receive more money. The beautiful island is made more attractive by the size and number of houses built. With one hand, you do it all, bringing the dream life to many people. Seeing your results from above is eye-catching. Expand a lot of space, and conquer other massive works. Download City Island 2 mod, build houses for people and maintain life on the island.

Download City Island 2 MOD APK (Unlocked building, area) for Android

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