Choices: Stories You Play MOD APK 3.0.0 (Menu/Free choice)

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NameChoices: Stories You Play APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Free choice
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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MOD Infomation

V1: Menu

  • Free outfits // Purchase outfits even if you have “0” Gems
  • Free hairstyles // Purchase hairstyles even if you have “0” Gems
  •  Free looks // Purchase looks even if you have “0” Gems


  • Free choice


Choices: Stories You Play is a game that tells a romantic love story and much more. Describe the lives of boys and girls with many happenings. Not only love, tragedies that happen will also be shown at Choices: Stories You Play. Players will be immersed in the character and feel those things. What happens and how it ends will be up to you. How do you want those stories to continue? Join Choices: Stories You Play and write more stories. Be it horror, beautiful love… everything is done by the player himself.

Choices Stories You Play mod android

Download Choices: Stories You Play mod – Write love and life stories

A game where you are given stories for each of your characters. Life at school, meeting friends, colleagues. All developments will be fully displayed. You will be like an author to write the best stories. Transformations for each character are shown with different styles. Simulate their lives, what goes on every day. Join in on exciting activities and adventures. Choices: Stories You Play gives players completely new experiences. Light entertainment and do not need to do too many difficult tasks. Gameplays that require the ability to fight or destroy enemies make it difficult for you. Then come to Choices: Stories You Play and relax, starting with exciting games.

Players will make the characters stand out through the costumes. Like a professional stylist and make them shine. Change their style and help them gain confidence in front of everyone. Exchange and chat with friends, solve problems with colleagues. Choices: Stories You Play will bring pre-existing stories. You will continue to write other developments. Update daily and make more attraction from the viewers. Bringing a beautiful love story, solving crimes that cause bad things. All will be changed through your own choice.

Choices Stories You Play mod apk

Romantic love story

Find the true love of your life, love the person you like. Come to the prestigious University of Hartfeld, where many handsome and beautiful friends are. You will be meeting and getting to know them and going on a date. Starting a love affair with attractive and attractive girls or with handsome guys? Or love many people at the same time and have love triangles? All will be possible and bring drama in love. Equip the character to wear beautiful and luxurious costumes. Show up with beautiful images and get attention from all eyes. Right at school, start with love and someone you love. Get new experiences in love, deep or broken. Everything will be described in detail right in Choices: Stories You Play.

Choices Stories You Play mod

Build an army, defeat the enemy

Another development, another story will be mentioned. Your kingdom is threatened by enemies and wants to take over. Your mission will be to defeat them and protect your kingdom. Build a strong army force and withstand the full extent of their devastation. No more wearing school uniforms or multi-fashion. Instead, there were shielding armor and powerful weapons. To be able to avoid counterattacks from the enemy, enhance combat ability. Form a powerful army, and enter a battle with many challenges. You will be a brilliant hero, defying danger and mastering the battle. Possess advanced weapons and block all enemy life.

Choices Stories You Play mod free

Crime solving

The murderer and cause a lot of evil is on the run. You will join the captains and find out who committed the crime. Open a quest with many difficulties and dangers. Collect evidence and quickly find the brutal killer. Prevent them in time so that they can no longer attack others. Play as a talented detective and have the ability to catch criminals. A lot of suffocating unexpected situations will take place. Start with fantasy adventures and various events. Solve quickly and force the wanted person to confess and surrender to the crime he has committed.

Choices: Stories You Play is a game that will let players start with a lot of different stories. School love, battle against powerful enemies, wanted missions. All will be shown and for you to be done with the events through each story. Download Choices: Stories You Play mod with characters and get started with games with unique storylines.

Download Choices: Stories You Play MOD APK (Menu/Free choice) for Android

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