Champions of Avan MOD APK 1.2.22 (Unlimited money, woods, stones)

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NameChampions of Avan APK
PublisherEarly Morning Studio
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, woods, stones
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Become a talented hero with extraordinary power to do miracles. Coming to Champions of Avan, players will be role-playing heroes, defending their city. Build and fight the forces that want to destroy your kingdom. Freedom to fight, face many dangers. Players will have to have a strong and courageous spirit to be able to defeat the enemy. Grow your kingdom and rule all those who want to destroy your area. Champions of Avan opens a world for you to be the master.

Champions of Avan mod free

Download Champions of Avan mod – Dominate the forces of evil

A role-playing game that has no new content but still attracts gamers. Appears with a dark scene, almost devoid of life. Players will feel it when starting the game screen. Realistic recreation of a difficult time, the thin line between life and death. Everything has been brought by Champions of Avan and for players to experience. Come to this dark land and show your bravery. To have peace, there is no other way but to fight. Let this place be your own and no one has the right to trespass.

Champions of Avan mod download

Starting from a small village in the land of Rokmyer, you will develop this place to be a great city. Construction with the most significant works and projects. Have specific plans and implement them methodically. Simultaneously gather heroes to join the defence. Deal with the forces that want to destroy this place. On a small scale, gradually make this place become a historical kingdom. Come to the construction and fight, become a hero to defeat all enemies. Stay strong and get stronger over time. To keep the kingdom strong and unstoppable.

Resource gathering

Construction will not be possible without resources. Players will have to search and collect every day. Champions of Avan offers a variety of resources such as wood, stone, and gold. Depending on the user’s needs, the player can choose. The game also features medieval technology, which you apply entirely to your buildings. In addition, rob gold is also an action to help build the kingdom faster. Make the most of the provided resources, use them rationally. The scale is small or large, depending on the player himself. Find resources and build your empire.

Champions of Avan mod

Gathering heroes

The kingdom will be a place where enemies are always watching and attacking. If you don’t want to be destroyed and lose everything, stand up to fight. Recruit powerful heroes to protect this place. Names like Inyen gung-ho, Ayabe… they will all be warriors to help you fight. Each person will have their abilities, attack strongly. With Ayabe, it is possible to collect a lot of gold coins, assist in the purchase of new materials and weapons. Inyen gung-ho is a strong hero, constantly your practical hand in each battle. Each warrior will create the most potent force against the formidable enemy armies. Combine forces to defeat all the enemies you want quickly.

Champions of Avan mod apk

Conquer dangerous enemies

The enemy force is enormous, and they also have excellent fighting skills. Players will need to equip weapons and an army to go to battle. They will never give up evil plots, always want to take over the kingdom. You will face many fearsome enemies that can take your life at any time. Axes, bows, armour… will be proper equipment for players to participate in the war. Upgrade your power as well as make your buildings more and more solid. Arrange the heroes to defend closely, always in a ready-to-battle position. Let any enemies that appear suddenly can be destroyed immediately. Defeat evil and dangerous bosses, causing their army to fall apart. Download Champions of Avan mod to protect the kingdom and drive away from the enemies.

Download Champions of Avan MOD APK (Unlimited money, woods, stones) for Android

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