CatLife – BitLife Cat Game MOD APK 1.6.1 (Top Cat acquired)

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NameCatLife – BitLife Cat Game APK
PublisherCandywriter, LLC
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesTop Cat acquired
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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CatLife – BitLife Cat Game is the development of cats from childhood to adulthood. You will be transformed into a cat, deciding everything about life yourself. Entering the world of animals, specifically cats, players will have a new experience. Players also have a specific name, appearance, and personality. Do whatever you want as a cat. Became an intelligent, obedient, or mischievous cat? Join to play CatLife – BitLife Cat Game to get yourself the answer. Many exciting things are waiting for you to discover.

CatLife BitLife Cat Game mod

Download CatLife – BitLife Cat Game mod – Explore the life of cats

Cats are inherently considered a pet, cherished and pampered by humans. It is regarded as an attractive topic even in the game. CatLife – BitLife Cat Game is a typical game about cats, and you will be playing the role of them. You are initially a weak cat with a name and all associated attributes. Each decision the player makes will lead to other story development. Accompany the cat and interact with hundreds of dramatic situations. Take action with a cat’s mind, enjoy everything in life. What is achieved in the present is the result of what has been done. Live your cat’s life to the fullest, make yourself happy.

CatLife BitLife Cat Game mod apk

Do not focus too much on the cat’s movements while playing. This is the difference that CatLife – BitLife Cat Game creates. The game exploits more in the thoughts and actions that the character performs. Observe every expression better understand the cat’s personality. This is an option for those who like a game with light, thoughtful gameplay. Start with the cat story, opening up all the different situations to deal with. Make your own choices, behave like a real cat. All options are not right or wrong, all for you to discover through each game mode.

CatLife BitLife Cat Game mod android

Diversity of cats

The game will open a world of cats, where you can choose a cat you want. Lots of different cat breeds are offered with a variety of traits. From Persian, Himalayan, Maine coon, Siamese, calico, and countless more. Players will have the same option and companion on each game screen. For cat lovers, when coming to CatLife – BitLife Cat Game, you will not regret it. Each cat has a different appearance and characteristics to learn. So start living with cats, put your mind to it and act like a real cat.

CatLife BitLife Cat Game mod free

Interact with cats

In life, there will be other animals for cats to interact with. This will help keep the cat from feeling bored and lonely. Each animal will also directly affect the cat’s life. Players take on the task of assisting cats to choose animals to exchange. Each option has its own consequences, either making the cat happy or scared. For example, when facing an aggressive dog, what should be done? Runaway or come close to get acquainted, make friends with it? Your decision will be a life-changing one for your cat. Think carefully before choosing, give your cat many new lovely friends.

CatLife BitLife Cat Game mod download

Possessing special skills

The cat you accompany in the game will have a variety of characteristics. In addition to the ability to decide think, it can also distinguish odors. This is a unique point that helps increase skills for cats. For example, the smell of food, the smell of the opponent, and the owner’s scent are clearly divided by cats. The more scents you own, the more sensitive your cat will be, adapting to any living environment. Raise the cat’s awareness help the cat become more mature. Discover more things in life, enjoy every wonderful moment to the fullest.

CatLife – BitLife Cat Game is a way to help you love animals more. Through the eyes of cats and realize many new things. Do whatever you like, live the life you want so that you won’t have any regrets in the end. That is also what the game wants to target with gamers. Make your own life decisions and act as quickly as possible. Download CatLife – BitLife Cat Game mod exciting journey with a lovely cat.

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