Car Industry Tycoon MOD APK 1.7.4 (Unlimited money)

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NameCar Industry Tycoon APK
PublisherAdrian Zarzycki
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Car Industry Tycoon built an empire specializing in car production, expanded the market, and became a business tycoon. The business you build, manage and develop according to the best plan. Produce great cars and modern engines to supply customers. Complete orders as required and sell at the right price to attract customers at the first play. The company mechanism is your own, you have to be responsible for the arising. All decisions are through you, hire more staff to support the faster car creation process. Expand this business in any form, you will enjoy wealth from now on.

Car Industry Tycoon mod apk

Download Car Industry Tycoon mod – Become a director of a car manufacturing business

All auto parts are produced by your own business and assembled to form a complete vehicle. In the process, you must calculate all costs to subtract depreciation, creating the final profit. Modern machines will make you an idler, just sit and click on the screen to collect money. Your decision will affect the company’s fate, do not make mistakes, or your workers will lose their jobs. You succeed steadily and continue to grow further, launching into the international market. The factory has gained popularity, the business is on the rise, take advantage of every opportunity to demonstrate your mastery.

Car Industry Tycoon android

Car Industry Tycoon allows players to implement their mechanics and distinct styles. Each person’s personality is different, so businesses that spring up will have a separate way of operating. Not being constrained is the strength that this challenge has. You are free but will still work seriously and professionally. When you have basic human knowledge, applying it in this entertaining game, it’s even better. Become one of the biggest revenue companies of the time, famous worldwide. Hundreds of technologies for you to use to develop; you must choose them to suit the scompany’s situation.

Car Industry Tycoon apk

Successful car building

Car Industry Tycoon brings a collection of 12 vehicles with diverse colors. Each has a distinct level, and its prestige is reflected in the engines. Small parts in the engine parts alone make your car more classy. All fuels are fully equipped, put them together and create a car. Bring those products to market, and fulfill the orders required. Make money from the first cars, you will be pleased. Expand the parking lot early to prevent product overload. Follow a perfect process, and you will produce quality, fully equipped modern cars according to the market.

Car Industry Tycoon apk free

Factory upgrade

To increase the number of products, you must accelerate the construction progress of the factory. Specialized objects and advanced machines combine management from you. The factory is the most construction site, so focus on this part. From the casual mechanics are renewed to automatic at higher levels of play. This helps you limit costs and save a little or a little bit. Stream separate crafting areas but must have a particular connection. Expansion of the factory is also a way for you to show the level of development of your business. You are rich and have enough money to start opening more branches and reaching more audiences.

Car Industry Tycoon

Hire workers to work

Engineers and workers are strictly recruited. This human factor will support you to the maximum of your working capacity, they are also skilled. You only need to manage the overall, each detailed item will be in charge of the staff. That’s also how you optimize the operating mechanism, no longer struggling to run it all. When you rest, the factory will still operate according to the automatic installation. Employees are an abundant human resource that you can hire. Only teach them professional and professional rules to avoid bad situations happening. Hire more workers, the idler you are, arrange them into each department to work.

Car Industry Tycoon is in charge of building a company specializing in the production of automobiles. You start your own business, establish yourself and make a reputation. Achieving success also takes quite a while to stabilize the site and the manufacturer. More machines need to be purchased and processed for each spare part. It won’t be easy at first, but the opportunity to get rich comes quickly. Making sure the cars hit the market must be the most beautiful and modern. Download Car Industry Tycoon mod, and build a factory specializing in cars, serving the entire market.

Download Car Industry Tycoon MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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