BURST WITCH MOD APK 1.503.5 (Menu/Damage, defense multiplier/Unlimited skills)

Updated 4 months ago
PublisherYoozoo (Singapore) Pte. Ltd
MOD FeaturesMenu/Damage, defense multiplier/Unlimited skills
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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BURST WITCH explodes with shots as a clever and scheming sorcerer. You need to conquer this hell world with all your might. Many things unexpectedly happen to you, which is also the element that excites you the most. Directly fighting the evil villains, you must take many attacks from them. To free yourself, you must have a direction for dodging bullets from them. Like how to play a chicken shooting game, you also have to move at the bottom, and the opponent is above you. Bullets keep falling, if you do not have time to counterattack or escape, failure will surely come.


Download BURST WITCH mod – Control witches to fight

This hellish world is mysterious, a dark color covers the whole. It doesn’t scare you either, this mystery will appeal to you. Fight different types of enemies, create your own battles and enter the leaderboards. The power of a wizard in BURST WITCH you are held in the palm of your hand. The attack came from a mighty opponent with many years of the dungeon experience. Faced with such evil people, you must develop new skills. Unique tactics are always in your calculation; if you are not active in this part, it is tough to go deep into the enemy’s territory.

Choosing a character and controlling a witch is a big responsibility for the player. You accept the challenge and decide to fight with other bosses. Epic music also contributes to this beautiful experience, feeling it most optimally. The catchy tune with gunfire makes the game even more exciting. Bring the witch to safety with the most exceptional abilities. Make this challenging playground your chance to shine everywhere. Go where you’ve never been, conquer dangers you never thought possible. Be fierce in every action, and explore every possible situation.


Customize the amount of ammo

Attacking enemies with firearms is always the best option for witches. The combination of bullets will be customized by the player depending on the turn of the challenge. Consider the effort you spend with each boss object, when at a high level, it is more demanding. The attack range also expanded rapidly, the playing field increasingly challenged the witch. You use the amount of ammo you have, moving smoothly in the air to hit bullets or counterattack. Difficult situations should be avoided, in the meantime find ways to fight back more robustly. Find a way out for yourself, send bullets far away, and hit the opponent’s heart. Upgrade the type of ammo you own, and reach the highest peak, and have a chance to win.


Beautiful character portrait

BURST WITCH delicately sketches beautiful witches. Will be hot characters with great power. Each person has their ability, if you can conquer them, then have a talent development strategy. Each witch will have its way of training, which character will give them more opportunities. Combine with other witches on the team to create superior power and talent. Upgrade players, and send the gods deep into the dark hell. Use spells typical of witches, and cast spells to have a more eye-catching moment in battle. Collecting all the characters into the same team is astounding.


Catchy songs

The symphonic and deep jazz music is highly suitable for the dungeon scene. New melodies will dispel the game’s stress, making you feel more excited. Challenging role-plays make you forget all your previous fears. Collect new music, and change emotions every day. Add a little sound so you don’t get pressured the usual way. This is also the novelty that BURST WITCH devised to change the combat atmosphere. Players can also choose the music they want, waiting for the excellent products to sound, motivating the fighting spirit.

BURST WITCH with the deep gameplay of witches, fight the more evil. You may think the witch is already evil, like in the legends, but stronger people are here. They’re trying to rule the dungeon; that’s not allowed. With the power you have, fight relentlessly to protect this world. Give yourself more opportunities to innovate with outstanding capabilities. Set yourself goals and then conquer, discover more ways of intrigue. Download BURST WITCH mod and transform into a witch to punish the dark forces.

Download BURST WITCH MOD APK (Menu/Damage, defense multiplier/Unlimited skills) for Android

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