Bulu Monster MOD APK v9.1.4 (Massive rewards)

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NameBulu Monster
PublisherSigma Game Limited
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMassive rewards
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation


Directly after finishing the tutorial, when reach to red box click on search, and choose done to get rewards, do more and more, to get massive rewards as you can, then click on close icon to continue your game

Mod doesn’t work in the shop (bulu points are visual there)

Bulu Monster is a game for you to train monsters. Build skills and go with them. An interesting game and for players to start with monsters. They have high strength and fighting ability. Special gameplay, do not have to confront the other monsters. You are the one to help them develop more. Create a powerful army with high combat ability. Become a great trainer and try to build an army of monsters. Build skills and quickly achieve goals. Accompany over 150 different monsters. Start with the variety of quests that Bulu Monster offers.

Bulu Monster mod apk

Open a world dedicated to monsters. Train them to develop further, increase the number of members. Use strategies and make them more powerful and resistant. Bulu Monster has been and is being chosen by many gamers. Especially, for those who love unique gameplay, explore adventurous things. The game is for strong people who dare to face difficulties. Bring the most dramatic gameplay and many attractive modes. Bulu Monster is a perfect choice for players to relieve all stress. Quickly complete tasks and achieve set goals.

Bulu Monster mod free

Download Bulu Monster mod – Train army of monsters

The opponents you fight are not these monsters. The player’s job is to train monsters on Bulu Island. Join the challenge and discover many new locations. Performing with dangerous missions, lives can be affected. That is also the challenge that Bulu Monster brings. Make the drama and attract more choice of the gaming community. Join the monsters and create adventures, meet opponents, and battle challenges. The game with simple gameplay, easy to control characters, quickly complete each goal and win. Seize every opportunity and give each monster more power. A powerful and large army, building the best training courses.

Bulu Monster mod download

Collect monsters

The rather important task that the player needs to do is to find and collect monsters. Let the number be more and more, accompany you. Up to 150 monsters, for you to explore and choose from. They all have vibrant shapes and colors. Their abilities are also not the same. Show them how to cope and gain strength in battle. Each of them will learn their own skills so that each monster will be guaranteed maximum strength. Increases competitiveness with other competitors. All of them are also uniquely designed and show up in different sizes. The more monsters you collect, the bigger bonuses you will receive.

Bulu Monster mod android

Fight with the army

Take the monsters to challenge and face other enemies. Challenge many other trainers and send them to the battlefield. With what the player has trained, each monster will also be able to fight in the best way. Create a fierce battle with opponents, assert your strength. Defeat all the enemies and don’t let them resist. The results of the training courses are the results of the battles. Always be in a state of combat readiness and bring each monster to face the enemies. Go to locations where opponents appear and quickly make them accept defeat.

Bulu Monster mod

Adventures and quests

Constantly bringing new quests for players. Unlock new monsters and fight to the best of your ability. Go on adventures and go to more locations. At the same time, meet more formidable opponents, enhance the experience with many levels. Bringing new journeys with bigger goals. That also brings difficulties in combat. To overcome, it takes much more effort. Control for each character to move and train methodically. In order to face any opponent will fight back. The higher the game level, the higher the prize and difficulty will also be. Players will be able to challenge themselves, fight and achieve the highest achievements. Download Bulu Monster mod to train powerful monsters.

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6 months ago

Monsters are the main theme of the exciting new app from Sigma Game. bulu monster mod apk allows the user to become a monster trainer on Bulu Island.

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