Bubbu MOD APK 1.110 (Unlimited money)

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NameBubbu APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Bubbu started raising pets, taking care of cute cats with many surprises. There is an orange-haired cat who is feeling stuck, hungry, dirty, and has to soak in the rain. You see that scene, you can’t sit still, you have to get up and start saving it’s life. Bring home, wash, feed, not get sick and open a happy life right now. The cat will be very grateful to you, enthusiastically take care of it to increase its pleasure every day. Let’s explore the world of cats, meeting all the needs it has to offer. Participate in games to win more points or coins to have money to shop for your pet.

Bubbu android

Download Bubbu mod – Take care of cute cats

Bubbu is a cute, affectionate cat who wishes to meet happy things. The player is the benefactor to help it overcome the deadlocked days before. Bubbu is waiting for you to nurture it, feed it well, dress well and enjoy wonderful moments in a beautiful home. Loving and caring every day is also the dream of the cat, devoted to it like your own child. Let it live like a human, bathing, eating, playing and resting. You need to make sure that what you give your cat is safe, always keep a smile on its lips. The past pain that Bubbu had to endure should not be repeated again.

Bubbu mod apk

Take care of the cat from morning until midnight, such a cycle forever. You never get bored because every day you come into contact with Bubbu is a happy day, with every extra day it becomes much more mature. You take care of it without missing anything, have fun with friends often. Explore its life in many ways, creating good for Bubbu. Every adventure of the cat has your companion, every day creating new joy also makes you happy. Watching Bubbu grow up, being happy is also your dream. Players need to be responsible for its fate, for it to reach the best.

Bubbu apk free

Play mini-games to collect coins

Bubbu creates more than 30 mini-games for players to participate in, winning you will receive a big bonus. The money you earn through each game will help with the shopping. Catcher, Cat Connect, Find the Cat, 2048 and more are released one after another. This is also the playground so that you do not get bored but extremely excited. Experience in many fields to earn money to care for Bubbu. All items and cat food are bought by you, to do that, the only way is to participate in those small games. Take advantage of every moment to take on challenges, earn money and buy lots of delicious food for Bubbu to enjoy.

Bubbu apk

Change life

Players will start building a house for Bubbu, renovating every corner of the house. A cat villa was born with full amenities, countless indoor activities took place. You can create barracks on your own premises to increase the amount of food. Moving in the city to see many new things with Bubbu, participating in outdoor activities is also a great choice. Enjoy the dream life of the cat, organize many events to invite friends to visit. Taking care, beautifying, doing what you like is Bubbu’s dream for a long time. You helped it change this life, let it grow.

Bubbu mod

Spin the wheel of destiny

Players can use the wheel of fortune to collect many special items. This program takes place every day, corresponding to each day you own expensive items. Get more rewards for improving Bubbu’s life process, increasing the quality of life every day. Diamonds can be your biggest asset to conquering expensive items for your cat. The wheel of fortune is really valuable, rely on it every time you get stuck. The achievements bring you to improve the life for Bubbu, upgrade each level. Experience many surprises, explore the colorful wheel and valuable rewards.

Bubbu needs to be loved every day, you are willing to do anything for her to have a happy life. Join a variety of dynamic mini-games according to the existing system or create your own outdoors. A cycle from morning to night but always attractive through each living day. The beginning of a new day is also the time to receive the best things, take the cat to enjoy life. Customize your character to your liking, shop for everything in the world. Raise the mansion that the cat is living in, the decoration items are also changed. Download Bubbu mod, adopt a cute cat, wait for surprises in life.

Download Bubbu MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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