Blood Kiss MOD APK v1.15.8 (Free premium choices)

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NameBlood Kiss
MOD FeaturesFree premium choices
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Premium choices and free choices will look the same so just make a choice the interests

How long has it been since you went on a date and immersed yourself in the romance of love? The hustle and bustle of life sometimes make you forget your own happiness. Meet the handsome vampires in Blood Kiss; you won’t be disappointed. Interact with characters and go on exciting dates. Brings many interesting details, for you to face each of those situations. Express your feelings through each love story, choosing solutions. Rely on hunch, reason, and heart to find the answer for yourself. Discover handsome vampires, many attractions right away.

Blood Kiss mod

Download Blood Kiss – Date a handsome vampire

Blood Kiss is a game dedicated to girls, who want to find the ideal boyfriend. Of course, that doesn’t mean the boys can’t play. Every choice you make will bring a story to face. At the same time, create many relationships with the character. There will be many other people appearing in love affairs, men surrounding you. That will also make it difficult for you to make a choice right away. Observe each object, gesture and learn the personality to find a suitable boyfriend. Start performing the task, complete the assigned work. Meet more guys, find the true love of your life.

Blood Kiss mod free

Players will transform into a girl with quite exceptional circumstances. The girl has to bear a sizable debt that her father left behind. You are assigned a job with a salary that can pay off the debt one day. Seize this opportunity and expect to pay off that debt quickly. However, the company you will be working for has quite a few secrets. Gather many vampires, possessing a handsome face. Approach the vampire and solve all the hidden mysteries. A journey with many dramatic happenings, accompany the girl right away!

Blood Kiss mod download

Meet handsome boys

You will have the opportunity to meet many different guys. They are all shown with handsome appearance, tall and attractive in appearance. Start getting to know them and meet them, make first dates. This will be the time when you quickly find yourself a friend as you want. Each guy will bring his own story, and it’s hard to know what they’re thinking. That’s why you don’t let appearances overwhelm your mind. Use your own charm to fascinate vampires. Every decision will be up to you, choose to put your trust in the right person to get a satisfactory answer. Experience many dates with guys, trading affection for goals.

Blood Kiss mod apk

Right decision

Put yourself in the girl’s shoes and solve the problem you face. Watch each story happen, make your own decisions. Unlock the knots of the story, go through all the joys and sorrows with the girl. Rely on your own thoughts, reason, and heart to make the right decisions. The ending will be up to you, bringing drama through each issue that plays out. Discover every new perspective of life in your soul. Each direction you take will create a different ending. Observe the actions and attitudes of vampires to accomplish their own goals.

Blood Kiss mod android

Dangerous secret

Vampire’s lair is a place where many secrets are still hidden. Behind the handsome, attractive vampires, they are highly unpredictable. You are very easily trapped, falling into a dangerous situation if you are too subjective. Placing trust in the wrong place, blindness in love will bring a bad ending. Control your emotions, beware of the vampires around you. Survive in a dangerous world, pay off all the money owed by your father. Overcome all challenges, seduce every object to collect secrets quickly. Embark on a journey of adventure, discover an exciting love story. Download Blood Kiss dating mod with secrets behind it.

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