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BLOCKAPOLYPSE, challenge yourself to survive on an island where zombies are dominating. Your friend’s fate is ironic when it comes to a plane crash. The plane lost control and couldn’t keep its balance in the sky, so it said goodbye to the earth in a way that no one wanted. Everyone on that trip said goodbye to the planet; only you survived, fortunately. You have escaped the wrath of death and have your life to continue to explore the world. But do not know that you are on an island of zombies, not humans, when you open your eyes. Endless screaming endings are horrifying; destroy them before it’s too late.


Download BLOCKAPOLYPSE mod – Survive the battles with zombies

As you come to your senses after that fire, you find yourself lying in a pool of red blood. Startled and panicked are the states that you show first. At this time, your gut feeling is not good, and you realize that many things are going wrong, which makes you even more shocked. After you calm down, you continue to hear groans, and you are glad that someone is coming to save you or ask them for help. But unfortunately, there are only zombies around, and they come to eat you alive. But everything, you and the zombies, is shaped like a robot by BLOCKAPOLYPSE, reducing a part of the evil’s ugly appearance.


A malicious virus attacks people in the city, and all become disabled. Since you are new to this island, there are more rules and experiences to discover. The scene of death and mourning was enveloping this vast space. When you are awake enough, immediately start the journey to kill zombies. You will make new friends with new friends to do good things for the earth. Players use every strategy to kick those scary zombies out of the island. Make them never come back here again; you succeed. Expand the battlespace, and challenge beyond all limits to prove your superhero ability.


Find out the cause of the virus’s spread

When you integrate with the things around you, you suddenly realize that it is not natural for those zombies to be rampant. All due to crazy scientists and daring inventions with unpredictable consequences. You have to find those mindless scientific names to stop this outbreak. The raging virus carries negative energy, and the speed of spreading is lightning fast. More and more harmless humans turned into zombies. If you are not careful, one of them has your name, you will disappear, and no one will be able to save the world. Conquer all-terrain maps, and find out who is deliberately destroying this beautiful planet.


Survive until the world is at peace again

BLOCKAPOLYPSE entrusts you with a noble mission, destroys zombies, and returns peace to the world. You are also just a victim in the upcoming wars, but don’t let others get involved. Scary apocalypse, fighting day and night, slaying zombies and other destroyers. In the gunpowder-scented duels, everyone will win the last survival. The fate of the earth is in your hands, together with many other players, to create miracles. You also need to return home and escape the roughness of this island. Players stop the spread that zombies are making and destroy them as soon as possible, as much as possible.


Kill the evil zombies

BLOCKAPOLYPSE also equips players with weapon systems and additional features. An array of sniper rifles is waiting for you to launch, carrying gunfire everywhere. Explore every corner of the city, and feel the excitement no less dangerous in each match. Even if you are a newcomer, you must learn to get used to the battlefields that zombies have prepared. They will fight you through each level, and each group has many zombies. Driving an armored vehicle combined with a gun that shoots tens of meters away and expert craft. What you are doing is aimed at the demons, single-mindedly bringing them down. Players and their teammates try to shoot and kill more than they miss.

BLOCKAPOLYPSE recreates an island with horrors in the dark. They are alone trying to fight the team of cunning and cunning zombies; their lineup increases like a storm, while you can only upgrade weapons throughout the day. Players conquer zombies on all terrains, from tall buildings to dark dungeons. You still have a cool head and a steady gun wherever you are. Because this is a noble mission, you can save humanity and help them return to everyday life. Think of what is beautiful to act, fighting with youkai. Download the BLOCKAPOLYPSE mod to attack zombies, create fierce battles and survive until the truth is found.

Download BLOCKAPOLYPSE MOD APK (God mode) for Android

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