Block! Hexa Puzzle MOD APK 23.0329.09 (Auto win)

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NameBlock! Hexa Puzzle APK
MOD FeaturesAuto win
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Puzzles and puzzle pieces always bring a lot of exciting things. It is an effective way to entertain and train the brain. Many games with such gameplay have also been released continuously in recent times. Must mention Block! Hexa Puzzle – one of the brain-enhancing games with unique puzzle pieces. You will conquer these intellectual puzzles, facing all challenges. The levels provided include many puzzles with increasing difficulty. Countless experiences will be Block! Hexa Puzzle brings players to relieve all stress.

Block Hexa Puzzle mod

Download Block! Hexa Puzzle mod – Fill the gaps in the puzzle

As soon as you join the game, you will see colorful blocks and puzzle pieces. These blocks are arranged with many hexagonal tiles. This unique combination has also made an impression on each player. The challenge will increase with each level, making the player also need to use thinking. In the beginning, it is entirely normal to pass the first levels. But later on, you will need the ability to think logically and organize quickly. Everything that happened in front of our eyes does not say it all. If you are looking for a game that is both entertaining and intellectually challenging, don’t miss Block! Hexa Puzzle.

Block Hexa Puzzle mod free

Talk about Block’s gameplay! Hexa Puzzle is nothing too complicated. Players will only need to observe and fill in the gaps in the puzzle. An addictive puzzle game that will make you unable to take your eyes off. Offers multiple levels of play, bringing out the most striking colors. Enjoy the thrill of completing excellent puzzles. Is becoming a puzzle master as easy as you thought? Come to Block now! Hexa Puzzle to find the most satisfactory answer. At the same time, this is also a way to test IQ, think effectively through quizzes.

Block Hexa Puzzle mod apk

Play with many exciting levels

Block! Hexa Puzzle offers many levels of play for you to experience. After completing all the puzzles, you will go to the next level. The challenge will also be more, facing the difficulties sometimes makes players confused. Thousands of levels will bring surprises and outstanding pieces. Starting from the basic levels, easy to get used to the game’s gameplay. After mastering, the player can continue with the difficulty ahead. The variety of levels will not make players feel bored. Conquer even the most challenging puzzles, worthy of a talented puzzle master.

Block Hexa Puzzle mod android

Unlimited time

Some puzzle games will have time limits at each level. You need to make sure to complete your part before the time runs out. That also makes the player’s psychology dominated when time flies. But to Block! Hexa Puzzle, then that is no longer the case. Each puzzle screen has no time limit, allowing you to fill the puzzle board in the right position freely. A puzzle game feature many gamers wish for. Players no longer have to rush in their decisions, calm down to find the completion of the mission with a high score.

Rewards and special questions

The fun of Block! Hexa Puzzle also has special questions for players to participate. Colorful themes will create a beautiful space. You will answer the questions posed, further improving your puzzle skills. There are also quite a few rewards given after correct answers. Explore valuable prize collections included in Block! Hexa Puzzle. Get daily rewards by participating in a variety of questions. Download Block! Hexa Puzzle mod fills the gaps on multi-colored blocks.

Download Block! Hexa Puzzle MOD APK (Auto win) for Android

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