Block City Wars MOD APK 7.2.3 (Unlimited money)

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NameBlock City Wars APK
PublisherD-Games Apps
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Block City Wars is a game that takes you to the city and multi-mission. Start with many big missions and cooperate with friends. The game offers different challenges and makes up shooting scenes. Come to the arena and quickly achieve the set goals. Block City Wars allows players to participate in street battles. Become the hero, be the gangster boss. Lots of different characters and for the player made the same fascinating levels. A good shooter who dares to kill others. Collaborate with teammates and create miracles. Get ready to enter a match with a variety of missions.

Block City Wars mod

Includes different gameplay and challenge systems. Players will be able to show their abilities through fighting ways. Step into robberies chases with policemen. There are many activities on the street for you to participate in. Become one of the city masters and attack all opponents. Willing to use all his strength to achieve goals. Block City Wars is a fighting game that offers multiple game modes. Changing characters and new challenges to not be boring. That is what makes the game so popular among players. Join the adventure and start with endless city battles.

Block City Wars mod apk

Download Block City Wars mod – Perform big missions on the city

Join hands with mafia bosses and be partners with them. Cause damage and do all kinds of evil intentions. Start with speed races and move across the tracks. Explore the vast city with tall buildings. Countless different activities and players will be immersed in life here. Show racing, run away from the police. Destroy every opponent using modern guns. To be the master of the city and be able to command all the others. Block City Wars brings a series of missions and allows players to come to the fierce battlefield. Where you can show your strength, resist all forces and do everything you want.

Block City Wars mod android

Cooperate with bosses

The murders and targets come from the bosses. They will give you the task and have to complete it. Kill the subjects that the mafia boss gives. Brutal massacres, full of blood and guts. Players will play the role of the bad guy, killing anyone. Enter the world of society to bring and dare to do all kinds of cruel things. Unleash battles that destroy all lives. Aim at every object to quickly achieve the best results. Of course, the more opponents you attack, the more bonuses you will receive. After each task is completed, cooperate with the next plan. Do any job that the bosses assign. Do it quickly, as soon as possible. Affirm your position in this society.

100 types of weapons and vehicles

Includes a lot of different guns for players to use. Are the Ak47, MINIGUN, sniper rifle, RPG, Katana, and many more. Each type of gun will bring great damage. Players will use and attack from afar. It causes all opponents to die. At the same time, various vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, jets… All help you move easily and run away from the police as quickly as possible. Let players conquer the tracks, drive their favorite cars. Continuously upgrade weapons and vehicles. From there, improve the power and help the player win. Depending on the object and use the appropriate weapon. Quickly destroy the enemies that you are trying to eliminate. Optional guns and vehicles that Block City Wars brings.

Block City Wars mod free

13 game modes

Runaway, loot, track down bad guys… including many activities in each round. Offers game modes like Team Deathmatch, Free PVP Fight, Pixel Hunter, Tank Battles, Street Race, and Infection Zombie mode. Depending on the mode will let you play offline or online. Battle with teammates, street racing, destroy zombies… Each main mission will be included in Block City Wars. Through each game level and role-playing into each character. Each player will get to each game level. Start becoming a hero or a criminal, and it’s also completely up to you. Download Block City Wars mod to complete the challenges on the street.

Download Block City Wars MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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