Blob Runner 3D MOD APK 6.0.17 (Unlimited money)

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NameBlob Runner 3D APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Blob Runner 3D brings players to be intense and stressful parkour challenges. You will be interacting with special characters. They are like colorful rubber plastics. Hundreds of obstacles will create complex challenges for players. Find a way to control the character to overcome the final finish line. With simple gameplay combined with the transformation of the character’s appearance according to race, it will be an exciting experience. Blob Runner 3D mod is becoming more and more popular and attracting the attention of the gaming community. A game that sounds silly but is full of attraction. Come and experience the fun of the game.

Blob Runner 3D mod download

Download Blob Runner 3D mod – Top obstacle running game

Blob Runner 3D is realistically an obstacle course game. Its goal is to get the character as far as possible. The roads in Blob Runner 3D are full of traps and dangers. You will have to use your observation and ingenuity to move the character forward. Do not let nature collide with obstacles, or you will have to return to the original finish line. There is a special thing in Blob Runner 3D that the character’s size will be changed according to the movement. That means you will become more and more fragile as you go through each stage. Fortunately, players can collect other blobs of the same color that appear around the path. Here’s a way to restore a part of the character’s size that you can take advantage of.

Blob Runner 3D mod android

Conquer the game levels

Blob Runner 3D is not a monotonous game. There are hundreds of challenging levels included in the game. If in the early stages you can click your tongue to despise it because it is too easy to complete, the surprise will come in higher levels. The number and extent of the appearance of obstacles will be more and more. Besides, the character’s movement speed also becomes faster. You no longer have as much time to observe and respond favorably as before. To conquer these challenging levels, gamers need to strengthen their control skills better and better. The challenge and attraction that Blob Runner 3D creates lies in these high levels.

Blob Runner 3D mod apk

Diverse race tracks

Blob Runner 3D creates many different types of race tracks. Each track starts a kind of challenge. The obstacles, as well as the shape of each way, are various. The roads with tricky turns always make gamers more challenging to control. Players must learn to adapt to the race track to complete the goal. Gamers need to have the flexibility and quick response to conquer all the races faced. The more you maintain the size advantage of the slime, the easier it is to get far. Notice how blocks of different colors appear randomly. Not only does it create vibrancy, but it also helps to merge with your character.

Blob Runner 3D mod

Exploring the hat and skin system

The greasy blocks will no longer be the same shape. Thanks to customizing the appearance, you will change the mucus blocks. Hats and skins are the items that help players perform this feature. Players can collect and unlock these items during the race. Countless hats are designed in different styles. Your character will completely transform when wearing these unique accessories. Santa hats, magicians hats, graduation hats, cowboy hats can all be owned if you act fast. Discover the fun and excitement of the in-game hat and skin system. Download Blob Runner 3D mod to control the character to overcome all obstacles and become the winner on every track.

Download Blob Runner 3D MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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