Blast Friends MOD APK 2.1.4 (Unlimited hearts, moves)

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NameBlast Friends APK
PublisherUnico Studio
MOD FeaturesUnlimited hearts, moves
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Blast Friends unleashes free jigsaw puzzles with countless vivid and colorful images. Your task is to match 3 identical tiles and complete the requirements set so it is successful. It sounds simple, but becoming a tycoon in this field is a long process. Players can use any clever strategy to lead to the highest score. Breaking each other’s blocks is not easy, the tricky thing is that you calculate the move so that you can eat many rows of cells together with just one hit. Many exciting characters will appear as soon as you press start challenge. The whole sweet world will open, and the race to the glorious destination is officially exploited.

Blast Friends mod apk

Download Blast Friends mod – Put blocks of the same color together

New members also joined the quick puzzle team. You will soon be in tune with this joyful atmosphere, not fighting each other in the usual intense way, here only the brain test. Your ecstasy is shown by how you move between cells. Please manipulate the positions and swap, so three compartments of the same color integrate successfully. For more ranges of cells, if you do well, you will be overwhelmed with your achievements. Each level will require a minimum of how many pictures of each color. Based on that, prioritize the colored boxes according to the set goals to have a reasonable way to play.

Blast Friends mod

The highest position in the rankings is constantly changing, and no one can reign forever. But the desire in this challenge you have to keep the most extended order in history. Your reputation will emerge; the absolute score is always in your hands. The gameplay is still similar to the match-3 game; it integrates the same cells. Solving those tough questions also trains the player’s thinking and reflexes. Support energies such as bombs and missiles will show their power, destroying all unnecessary squares. They’re powerful, but don’t overuse them; test your strength before asking for help.

Blast Friends apk free

Try out many unique characters

Blast Friends has a whole character system for you to choose from, take your favorite animal. Pretty bears or rats rule this world. Those two animals are both quality kings, possessing a magnificent castle. They carry a great responsibility to help you complete the challenge, so there is no place where they do not appear. Their silhouettes are on roller coasters, wooden horses, and many other levels. You will be accompanied by the Potty Bear or the Mi Mouse; they work at total capacity and give that dubious result. Together with more and more gradually become close friends, sticking together. Being one of the royals of the castle is also enjoyable.

Blast Friends android

Become a puzzle gamer

Blast Friends only uses people who use tactics and act with their minds. Dirty schemes will not be accepted, so don’t expect an opportunity to cheat. Gamers will go through many intense, challenging levels to get the title. The higher the requirements are, the more your turn will decrease. Therefore, it is essential to plan carefully with the correct directions. Explode blocks of the same color, using the energy you have to use at the most pressing time. Players do not spend a dime on the challenges; ultimately, play your way. Give good, exciting gameplay and leave many impressions for later players.

Blast Friends apk

Win the championship

Having participated in the challenge, winning the gold medal is everyone’s ambition. The challenges posed will be tough with heavyweights; you should consider your strength. But if you haven’t tried it, how will you know if you can do it or not? Take action. Blast Friends provides the opportunity to have team fights between people and challenge others. Anyone who is already here is a potential name to hold the championship. But if it’s you, how good is it? Nothing is complicated, have determination. Overcome thousands of competitors around the world to receive the top prize confidently. Take your team to the farthest and consistently achieve high.

Blast Friends stands out in puzzles, colors, and animation that combine top-notch. Vivid animations are part of attracting players, creating many surprises. You will not be able to anticipate the energies released to the outside, aggregating the power of the blocks together. This can be considered a thinking sport for you and your teammates. Download Blast Friends mod, complete the challenge within the required range and win the top spot.

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