Best Fiends MOD APK 11.6.3 (Unlimited money)

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NameBest Fiends APK
PublisherSeriously Digital Entertainment Ltd.
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.1+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation

After passing level 4, you will get a lot of money

Best Fiends brings you to life in a green forest. Your job will be to drive away slugs to protect nature. Do not allow them to destroy and affect the growth of plants. Best Fiends offers fun gameplay and a variety of missions. You will step in here and destroy all of them. Start with challenges and exciting game modes. Meet many new characters and quickly complete the assigned tasks. Come to Best Fiends and experience life here, don’t let the slugs destroy the trees.

Best Fiends mod

Bring a game interface full of different colors. It appears with scenes such as forests, fertile lands… Players will be able to go to each place and face the snails. Each location will gather them, and you will start with a fight with slugs. With hundreds of levels for players to conquer. You will never get bored when participating in the game. Trust me, and Best Fiends won’t let you down! Not a fierce battle like the action games used to play. Best Fiends will let you attack snails, solve puzzles with colorful blocks.

Best Fiends mod apk

Download Best Fiends mod – Exciting adventure, snail attack

An army of snails converges, they will find a way to eat all the green plants. Players will need to step in and advance to meet them. Move the blocks in vertical or horizontal rows to kill snails. Deal significant damage to them and score high scores. The challenge will also be more and more, and players need to be careful while arranging the position in each block. The blocks with all shapes such as trees, flowers, leaves… Bring each level for you to conquer and assert your talents. Moreover, Best Fiends will also unlock many new locations, for you to set foot there and continue to complete all tasks excellently. Solve thousands of puzzles that are brought, collect many valuable bonuses and items.

Best Fiends mod download

Fight with comrades

Join the destruction with your comrades. The character that cannot be ignored is Temper. He will stand up and go to battle to chase slugs and save his teammates. Each character will join the player, and you will not be alone. Team up with friends to quickly defeat the army of snails. They will be shown with different icons. The number of teammates will be increased as you get to the higher levels. Enter the snail extermination, coordinate with other warriors to win quickly.

Best Fiends mod free

Kill the slugs

To make the snails unable to survive, the player will need to move the blocks. Combine boxes with the same icon, arranged vertically and horizontally. After each break of the box symbols, the snails will also be attacked. After that, you will receive bonus points. In addition to killing the worms, there are other quests as well. Such as collecting more items such as apples, candies… All will help you to attack the army of slugs more effectively. Need to practice and know-how to properly place the positions of each block. Use thinking to be able to set the highest achievements on the game screen.

Best Fiends mod android

Character upgrade

After completing each round, you also need to upgrade your character. To increase your abilities and participate in puzzles to achieve high scores. Build warriors and gain staying power. Resists all snails and protects plants. Ensure the growth of the tree, not damaged. Let them be shown with outstanding styles and have their personality. Become the hero, go on an adventure to defeat the slugs in no time.

A game with puzzle gameplay is not too strange. However, Best Fiends is still chosen by the majority of the gaming community. Diverse challenges and tasks, bringing many attractive rewards. The higher the levels are, the Best Fiends will bring more difficult levels. Start with a long journey to defeat the obnoxious slugs. Download Best Fiends mod defeat snails, win.

Download Best Fiends MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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