Beat Wars Escalation Heroines MOD APK 1.29.0 (Menu/Dumb enemy/Attack speed/High damage)

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NameBeat Wars Escalation Heroines APK
PublisherDigital Entertainment Ltd.
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/Dumb enemy/Attack speed/High damage
SupportAndroid 4.4+

Command the female warriors to climb the tower and fight to protect the earth. Beat Wars Escalation Heroines focuses on particular action sequences to power up your gameplay. Seize the right moments to empower your female warriors. This dangerous battle for survival will decide who will win. One side tries to protect what is necessary to survive. The other side will invade and take the enemy’s core. Welcome to Beat Wars Escalation Heroines. In this game, only the action scenes will bring you victory. The other factor is the excellence that comes from the tactics and arrangement of the squad.

Beat Wars Escalation Heroines mod

Download Beat Wars Escalation Heroines mod – Protect the planet we live with intellectual power

Earth seems always to be the prime target of alien invasions in works of fiction. In Beat Wars, Escalation Heroines is the same. An unknown force threatens Earth, Aldark. They seem to come from a strange space in the universe. A real danger is affecting the survival of the planet. The Die-Beat Earth Protection Organization couldn’t just stand by and watch that scenario happen. Instead, they gathered a lot of girls and trained them to give them a power big enough to protect the earth. These girls will take on missions under your command – the CEO of Die-Beat. A counter-attack is about to take place.

The female warriors will have to confront the extreme Aldark physical strength. Therefore, they need to strengthen all their stats to complete the mission. And to do that, you need to take particular actions with them. Each individual can perform different activities to bring other sources of power. That power is called D-Charge. The more stories you go through, the more action scenes and D-Charge you will unlock for these girls. When a certain threshold of strength is reached, bring them into the battlefield. Show Aldark that the earth will be their final destination.

Beat Wars Escalation Heroines mod apk

Combine to get power

In addition to D-Charge, we also have another mechanism to increase the power of girls. It’s a system of combining blocks. It can be considered an ordinary puzzle mini-game. You will combine blocks of the same type to collect them. If you combine the power block, it will increase the damage. The same goes for blood and armor blocks. Each day you can combine blocks with a limited number of turns. If they are in an inappropriate position, they can be reset to change the layout. Always create the most suitable upgrade for your squad. The female warriors favoring any power prioritized providing that to them. You will have a significant advantage in the matches.

Beat Wars Escalation Heroines mod apk free

Free and collect warriors

There are two ways for you to get new characters in Beat Wars Escalation Heroines. The first is to summon them with a certain amount of money. Depending on your luck, you will receive many warriors of different levels. However, they are all strong if you level up and equip them. The second way is to free the imprisoned characters. The Aldark faction is holding a lot of prisoners. A large number of them were all unique warriors. Players must pass specific battles to rescue and collect them on their team. With the addition of new members, the power of humanity is doubled. So create your squad that you think is the strongest.

Beat Wars Escalation Heroines mod free

Increase the level of intimacy

In addition to life and death battles, the warrior girls also lead an everyday daily life. When you have free time without fighting, you can choose to hang out with one of the girls. A free day will make the relationship between you and the warriors stronger. Don’t think that won’t affect their strength. A high intimacy score will lead to more accessible weapon enhancement and upgrade rates. It can be said that you should work hard to go out with them to raise the level of sympathy. Continue to do particular actions to make the warrior even stronger. The war between humanity and Aldark will continue for a long time, so raise your strength.

Beat Wars Escalation Heroines free

Creating a good relationship with the female warriors will make their power increase more and more. Fight with the Aldark forces in intense life-and-death battles using high tactics. Take action diligently to accumulate D-Charge for your warriors. You are the director of the corporation that protects the earth in Beat Wars Escalation Heroines mod. Everything you do affects the future and mission of this blue planet.

Download Beat Wars Escalation Heroines MOD APK (Menu/Dumb enemy/Attack speed/High damage) for Android

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