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MOD FeaturesMenu/ATK Speed Multi/Always Crit
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Every battle requires careful planning, just like every battle at BATTLE PLAN. Build the ultimate defense against the relentless waves of monsters. BATTLE PLAN is a tower defense game in a whole new style. Not a map with complicated and random paths. Now it’s just an area with four straight roads leading to your barracks. Be careful because monsters are constantly approaching along those four paths. What you can do is build defensive towers and stop them. Just play with one finger, and you can defeat the crowd of enemies. BATTLE PLAN needs your intelligent plans.


Download BATTLE PLAN mod – Defend the routes leading to the base

The levels of BATTLE PLAN will only include four paths. At the end of those paths were defensive cannons. That is the only protection system you have in this game. In the beginning, there will be a series of monsters from all four roads rushing out and heading towards your base. Use firepower from the cannons and destroy them. Not only that, the skills and powers you unlock after many levels will also support you to the fullest. Monsters are no less competitive as they have a variety of forces that offer annoying strength and durability. If an enemy reaches the cannon, that path will be destroyed.

It would help if you tried to withstand the enemy force pouring into the remaining roads you have. It is tricky because the number will increase the more you kill. This is not the most optimal solution for a game screen. You have to defend four roads from the barrage of attacks. Put skills and weapons on a path that threatens to be dangerous or has many monsters. Pass many levels with gifts to make your defense easier. Those are weapons, items, or skills that help the cannons increase in strength. Each cannon will have a different power and skill progression. They represent the warriors defending the base.


Try your luck

For each stage completed, the player is rewarded with a chest containing a mystery item. Open it, and you will get equipment to increase the power of cannons. The rarity and strength of the equipment are also reflected in their star count. Five stars are the rarest and luckiest for you to get. Next to the weapon are technical items used to upgrade the gun itself. The higher the item’s level, the more level-enhanced weapons are. To avoid losing much time, you can press the automatic enhancement button. Weapons will absorb things independently to level up according to the player’s request. Collecting weapons is a primary essential activity in the game.

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Upgrade talents and skills

Another factor that makes defensive cannons more resistant to monsters is talent and skills. Talent is what is available inside each cannon. However, to activate them, you need to have talent stats. One talent stat will add up to a point in each given talent. There are eight types of talents: shot damage, fire damage, fire rate, skill cooldown, health, healing, accuracy, and luck. The cannons’ moves are also based on their talents. Create fire to burn monsters, freeze monsters so they can’t move, create beams of bullets that spread in many directions…

BATTLE PLAN mod free

Defense on many terrains

The journey of BATTLE PLAN takes you through many different battlefields. Feel the tension in the air when you have to defend on volcanic craters, icy areas, forests full of unexpected danger, or high mountains with treacherous terrain. These battlefields don’t just create new experiences or decorate the game. It also spawns many different types of monsters. Monsters located in any environment will be resistant to effects related to that environment. You cannot burn the monsters in the crater. Freezing won’t work when they’re in the snowy terrain. However, that creates challenges and counter-thoughts for players.


BATTLE PLAN offers many novel mechanics that completely change how you defend towers. Constantly searching for materials to enhance the strength of the towers. Prevent monsters from approaching your base. BATTLE PLAN mod is a unique tower defense game, unlike any other game. It requires more tactics and focuses on more detailed defense. Challenge players to overcome a series of tricky levels.

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