Battle Disc MOD APK v1.7.13 (Menu/God mode)

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NameBattle Disc
PublisherSayGames Ltd
MOD FeaturesMenu/God mode
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Battle Disc is an interesting discus throwing game released by SayGames. This is one of the famous game developers providing highly entertaining games. The fun will be felt through each game screen. It’s not about throwing discs at the target but about breaking blocks in the opponent’s area. Score points and win when breaking all before the opponent. The gameplay is easy and does not make it difficult for players. If you are bored with fierce fighting and shooting, try the Battle Disc experience. Full convergence of attractive elements and unexpected situations do not make you bored.

Battle Disc mod

Download Battle Disc mod – The disc throwing style game

This is like a competition and needs attention to the speed of time. Because whoever finishes first will be the winner. That’s why you need to focus and try to make effective discus throws. Players will have the task of controlling the stickman, aligning all angles to throw discs. The opponent will also find ways to stop you and make you encounter difficulties when fighting. Move flexibly and do not let the blocks around you be destroyed.

Battle Disc mod free

It is worth mentioning that the Battle Disc will take place at a reasonably fast pace. Once you start playing, you need to pay attention to getting the best results. After each competition ends, the results will also be announced. Although the gameplay is not difficult, it also requires specific skills. At the same time, the higher the level, the more difficulty will also increase gradually. The opponent’s defensive wall is also more muscular. It takes a lot of energy and effort to achieve the goal. That’s why Battle Disc also needs perseverance, not giving up when playing. Well-deserved rewards will be given to outstanding players.

Battle Disc mod download

Break the opponent’s block

The sole purpose is to throw discs at the correct blocks on the enemy side. Take advantage of every advantage to score high and complete all levels. Players also need to align the angle accordingly, avoiding bumping into their block. The opponent also does not stand still, they always find a way to fight back. The sharpness and fast speed to prevent counterattack from the opponent is also a way to overcome the challenge. Maximize shooting force to create the most special attacks.

Battle Disc mod apk


The items in the Battle Disc are quite diverse, no need to upgrade. Through each level, you only need to collect items to use. Plates, costumes, and bodies will be the most essential. There are many plates with different designs. Accompanied by a colorful and beautiful outfit. However, if you expect those skins to give strength to the character, that’s impossible. In addition, you can also choose the physique for your character. Fat, skinny, muscular… whatever the player wants. A series of items brought will contribute to creating fun levels not to be missed.

Battle Disc mod android

Many unexpected experiences

The Battle Disc is full of unpredictable situations. The disc that you throw can also move to all different positions. Need to take advantage of some random occurrences to take down the opponent. Take advantage of the opportunity to complete the tasks quickly. Moreover, the opponents will become more and more formidable, able to predict the direction of the disc. Players need to perform peak skills and practice more to get high results. Every time you compete successfully, the chance to receive a reward will also be completely worth it. Download the Battle Disc mod to throw discs, and remove the opponent’s defensive walls and blocks.

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