Basketball Stars MOD APK 1.42.3 (Auto Perfect, Backboard, Lucky Ball/Stupid AI)

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NameBasketball Stars APK
MOD FeaturesAuto Perfect, Backboard, Lucky Ball/Stupid AI
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation

1. Always Perfect Shot
– Shot is always Perfect (must go in hoop)
2. Always Backboard Hit
– Always get Backboard bonus without hitting it
3. Always Lucky Ball
– (Works Against AI Only) Each ball is lucky ball = +2 points per shot
4. Dumb AI
– (Works Against AI Only) Enemy doesn’t move

Basketball Stars is a game for gamers who love sports. Not the exciting football matches, the tense wrestling courts that you used to know. This will be a basketball court that will bring players new experiences. You will face another player, performing the maneuver to let the ball fall into the basket. Whoever has the higher score wins. Challenge your opponent, score the most goals. Show off your basketball prowess, perform from any distance. Compete and create many beautiful balls.

Basketball Stars mod

Download Basketball Stars mod – Show professional basketball skills

The first impression when playing Basketball Stars will be about the graphics. The colors stand out with the character designs quite realistic. The particular investment and the images of the players are depicted in detail. It’s no less than a real-life competition. Next is the gameplay that gives players many exciting experiences. Participate in each match against the opponent, enjoy the dramatic battle. The pace of the game is fast, creating opportunities for you to be a talented basketball star. Each skill, smooth movement will help players get high achievements. Reach the top of the list of participating players, compete with countless other opponents.

Basketball Stars mod free

There is no need to invest too much in the football field or the necessary equipment. Even on mobile, you can also play basketball. Basketball Stars is one of many basketball games that attract a large number of players. Steal the ball, move skillfully, and start throwing the ball in the right position. Just like that, if you hit the ball into the basket, you will score points. At the end of the game, the player with the most number of balls in the basket wins. Facing challenges by other opponents does not let you easily win. Quickly score goals, pressurize opponents, don’t let them overtake you. Compete with many other talented players in the world, assert your talent.

Basketball Stars mod apk

Join the competition with many players

Each match will take place, putting you face to face against opponents from many countries. The competition screen takes place so that players can move, catch the ball… Run to the field and do all the manipulations to get the ball, throw the ball into the basket. The competition will go on until one of the two with the highest score wins. In addition, Basketball Stars also has a timed game mode during the match. After the end of the competition time, sum the scores to choose the winner. Depending on your preferences as well as the experience of each game mode, you have different choices. Confront each player, assert your own sports talent.

Basketball Stars mod android

Choosing a player’s outfit

Transformation for your character is shown with many different looks. Pick out the right outfits that show up in beautiful colors. Prepare a full range of accessories, sports clothes to make the player stand out more. Changing so many diverse styles, making each pitch create its own attraction. If only customizing the appearance, this also creates boredom. You can also upgrade more skills, using a competitive strategy. Along with his players achieving many high achievements, defeated all opponents in the world. Famed on the leaderboard, making many other players admire.

Basketball Stars mod download

Unlock basketball

Participating in the competition cannot be complete without basketball. Basketball Stars offers more than 40 basketballs for you to choose from. Depending on each basketball, they will accompany the player in the matches. Completing the competition, players continue to unlock new basketballs. Own a diverse collection of balls, starting with each of the most exciting stages. Challenge and hold the ball to create many worthy goals.

The attraction, high entertainment that Basketball Stars bring will not let you down. Make beautiful ball moves get high scores. Move on the field, knock out all competitors. Present in many major tournaments, become one of the talented basketball players in the world. Download Basketball Stars mod to participate in exciting basketball tournaments.

Download Basketball Stars MOD APK (Auto Perfect, Backboard, Lucky Ball/Stupid AI) for Android

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