BASEBALL 9 MOD APK v1.9.6 (Unlimited diamonds, energy)

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Publisherplayus soft
MOD FeaturesUnlimited diamonds, energy
SupportAndroid 4.2+
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With diamonds you can get infinite coins from the shop
You cannot buy items with diamonds

Sports in general and baseball in particular always bring positive energy. If you are a baseball lover, you cannot ignore BASEBALL 9. The game creates a vibrant playground where you can relive all your stress. Compete with other opponents and show your talent. Matches will take place, bringing together many players worldwide. BASEBALL 9 brings fun and thrilling atmosphere when fighting with the opponent. Take part in the big tournaments, gathering all great talents. Perform with expert skills and win.


Download BASEBALL 9 – Dramatic baseball matches

Baseball has been and is a popular sport today. To play, there will need to be a large enough field and teams to play. Reality will require investment, and not everyone has the time and conditions to participate. But that is no longer a worry when BASEBALL 9 is released. The game will give you exciting gameplay that is no different in real life. Incarnate into the character, confronting other baseball teams from all countries. Enjoy the bustling atmosphere, seize every opportunity to achieve high results. Observe the enemy, quickly execute counter-attacks so that they can not resist. If you like to experience other sports, Golf Battle and Baseball Star are also an option.

BASEBALL 9 mod free

The matches are played at a fast pace, quite realistic. You will lead the character and the whole team in competitions. Hold the role of a leader, do your job well. Arrange the squad according to each suitable position, overcome all challenges. Each team will have 9 people, taking turns entering the match. The team with the higher score wins. Combine attack and defense not to be defeated by the enemy. Results will be announced at the end of the competition. Run through each base, be in every dramatic tournament. Become an excellent baseball player, conquer the top matches in the world.

BASEBALL 9 mod download

Compete in tournaments

BASEBALL 9 will organize tournaments for you to test your talents. Rookie, Pro, Master, Champion, and Legend will compete with many other players. From easy to difficult, the challenge will increase gradually through the level. 9 people will gather into a team, fight to score goals. Opponents will become more and more professional, with formidable skills. You also need to practice to improve, to face any challenge. The chances of progressing to higher tournaments will ultimately depend on the player’s ability. Go to the more giant arena, face famous opponents. Throw the ball, don’t let the opponent hit. Use professional techniques, get a high score every time.

BASEBALL 9 mod apk

Customize your players

The companion players in each match are customized to your liking. Players can change the name, arrange in the appropriate position in the match. They will all possess different skills and levels. Evaluate each player based on speed, ability to hit the ball, how to handle all situations… Innovate style for players with new hair, outstanding costumes. Fully equipped with competition equipment such as balls, baseballs, gloves, shoes, hats. Accompany them during practice, face off against another team. Recruit young talent, have baseball experience, make the goal of becoming an excellent player.

BASEBALL 9 mod android

Baseball team manager

To win prizes, having a high score requires a quality squad. You will have to lead your players in the match and develop the right strategy. There is a way to deal with each team, improving the level of players. Promote many high-level tournaments, recruit high-class talents. Open more professional training sessions and go to the more enormous field with the whole team. Expand the stadium, creating opportunities for the team to compete against a series of formidable opponents. Take on the role of a team leader, build a reputation for yourself. Compete with the whole team, leading the position on the leaderboard.

The experiences that BASEBALL 9 brings can only be felt when playing. Each level of play will give you a completely different feeling. Challenge opponents, compete in every tournament. Build a baseball team in the style you want, with many talented players. Download BASEBALL 9 mod to enjoy the exciting atmosphere in the matches.

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