Ball Evo: Bounce Heroes MOD APK 0.8.5 (God mode)

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NameBall Evo: Bounce Heroes APK
MOD FeaturesGod mode
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Recently, there have been many games with the adventure theme of balls. Ball Evo: Bounce Heroes is one of them and has a certain appeal for gamers. Looking for a game with simple graphics but with an exciting plot? Ball Evo: Bounce Heroes will be the most suitable name that you cannot ignore. Follow a ball from the first journey until defeating the villain’s boss. Rescue your friends imprisoned in the iron cage with your special powers. Ball Evo: Bounce Heroes is something suitable for entertainment for all ages in their spare time.

Ball Evo Bounce Heroes mod

Download Ball Evo: Bounce Heroes mod – Adventure with the ball and save the world

Our main character is a ball. But not like an ordinary ball. Because it has great attack power and many unique abilities, an evil force kidnaps the protagonist’s friends. They are monsters with a different shape than a round ball. To rescue your friends, you must control your character to overcome the challenges. Destroy all the monsters blocking your way and save your friends on many levels. Like most other games, the difficulty will increase proportion to the current number of groups. So practice is not extra when you want to solve the fastest.

At the head of the hostile force is the evil giant boss. He is the one who kidnaps the main character’s friends. His goal is to turn all into enslaved people in a different form. You will confront this guy in the final stage of the game. And to get to that stage requires many more essential skills. Move the ball around the screen with four buttons in four familiar directions. Jump on weak enemies to kill them instantly. With many enemies armed and protected, more than one jump is required. You will find a way to attack every enemy after completing many levels.

Ball Evo Bounce Heroes mod apk

Tactics are always important

Whatever is a game suitable for all ages. But you will need a specific strategy to complete the entire journey of the round ball because the arrangement of the terrain and the enemies in the levels is completely different. So every time you enter a new level, you must find a new way to overcome it. When you jump on them, there will be enemies that will damage you. Or the many pitfalls you think are the destination and jump into. This trouble repeats until you defeat the boss of Ball Evo: Bounce Heroes. But that doesn’t mean that winning this game is impossible.

Ball Evo Bounce Heroes mod apk free

Difficult variety of enemies

Not all enemies are destroyed after your one jump. That only applies to basic early-game enemies that aren’t equipped with anything. For enemies on challenging levels, they will have spikes growing around their bodies. Or shoot bullets that deal damage and block the main character’s movement. The number of enemies also increases at higher levels. You will see when moving a short distance will confront an enemy. Most of them will not be able to prevent you from completely passing the class. But it is still annoying if there is no proper tactical preparation. A small challenge contributes to the fun in the gameplay.

Ball Evo Bounce Heroes mod free

Add to the collection

Fighting and adventure with the original interface and characters without change will sometimes make you feel bored. To change that without affecting the game screen, Ball Evo: Bounce Heroes has added decoration and item additions. To buy them, you will collect coins that appear scattered around the net. Just make sure you have enough money to purchase your favorite item. Slightly changed the appearance of the main character’s ball. Create effects when taking down enemies to add a bit of fun. Changes do not affect your journey. Just spiritual encouragement for an enhanced friend rescue journey.

The brave ball needs you to continue its journey to rescue the kidnapped friends. Please find a way to take down the evil force and dangerous boss villain behind it all. Ball Evo: Bounce Heroes is sometimes simple but sometimes challenges players to overcome difficulties. Download Ball Evo: Bounce Heroes mod if you’ve had a tiring day. Change the atmosphere and go on a colorful adventure to rescue everyone.

Download Ball Evo: Bounce Heroes MOD APK (God mode) for Android

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