Ball Blast MOD APK 2.01 (Menu/Unlimited money, lives)

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NameBall Blast APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited money, lives
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Ball Blast entertaining game for you to break the balloons. Control the cannon car to do that. Each level plays with different challenges. Ball Blast gives players an experience with exciting gameplay. Players will need to move the cannon car and shoot at the balloons. Concentration is what players need when coming to Ball Blast. Start playing and break many balloons of different sizes. At each level, you will need to be quick and move the cannon car. Complete excellent rounds and high score scores.

Ball Blast mod

Download Ball Blast mod – Break balloons

Publisher VOODOO has released the game with a fun atmosphere. Challenge players through different game levels. It seems like a simple way to play, but it will not be easy to achieve high scores. Each class always creates its own attraction and makes you not want to leave the game. Believe me, come to Ball Blast and experience it together. Shoot the balloons and get to higher levels. Surely, Ball Blast will not let you down. Enter the rounds with many challenges created by Ball Blast.

Ball Blast mod apk

The beautiful colors create beautiful graphics for the game. A lot of different scenes will be provided by Ball Blast. Players will be able to explore many places at each level. Shown with images of fields or hills, creating a beautiful space. It can be said that Ball Blast is invested quite carefully in the interface. This has also created an attraction for the gaming community. Bring the impression and show the creativity of the game publisher. From gameplay to graphics, sound, all are perfected to meet the needs of players.

Ball Blast mod free

Play level

Brings many different levels of play for you to conquer. With the cannon car and perform balloons shooting to win. Balloons will appear continuously for the player to destroy. There are some giant balloons that will need players to shoot always to be able to break quickly. Concentrate highly to observe and promptly break all the balloons. Up to higher levels, the difficulty will also be increased. Players need to control the cannon car and shoot at each balloon. At the same time, pay attention to the balls with question marks that appear. These balloons will need a lot of effort to be able to destroy it.

Ball Blast mod android

How to play

Cannon car with automatic fire, players will need to use their fingers to control. Shoot more balloons, and the player will get more gold coins. However, shooting the ball is not easy. Balloons that are constantly moving are a big obstacle for players. Do not let the balls fall, or you will be the loser. With big balls, when you shoot, it will split into small balloons. Keep shooting and collect more items. The gameplay is not too challenging, and you will quickly get used to the gameplay from the first time you play. Break the ball and make the number of balls decrease gradually through each level.

Ball Blast mod download

Guns and firecrackers

Weapons to shoot balloons are guns and firecrackers. The guns have a great attack power, indispensable in each game screen. Use and shoot every balloon to get even more gold coins. After each play, players can buy more items. Modern firecrackers and guns with many unique shapes. Each weapon equipped will accompany the player to create new records. Shoot down more balloons faster and quickly finish the level with the highest score on the leaderboard.

Unlock more high play levels and break more balloons. The appearance and movement of each ball will be faster through each level. Create drama as well as let you discover your own abilities. Move the cannon car and proceed to shoot the balls. Download Ball Blast upgrades mod and overcomes challenges through each round play.

Download Ball Blast MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money, lives) for Android

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