Auto Battles Online MOD APK 1268 (Menu/Damage, defence multiplier)

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NameAuto Battles Online APK
PublisherTier 9 Game Studios
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/Damage, defence multiplier
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Maybe, many users will be afraid to play the newly released titles. Or they will lack trust in new and less experienced manufacturers in the market. However, time is not the best yardstick to measure the fun of a game. Many fledgling game companies are full of creativity and make great games. Auto Battles Online is proof of this. It is the debut product of the producer Tier 9 Game Studios. It is a quality debut because Auto Battles Online has quickly collected hundreds of thousands of downloads from Google Play. This is a good start for Tier 9 Game Studios to continue creating. Now let’s explore the game Auto Battles Online.

Auto Battles Online mod

Download Auto Battles Online mod – Join the actual online arena

Auto Battles Online is suitable for those who love the multiplayer battle genre. In particular, the ability to connect and play online makes your experiences constantly refreshed. There are so many automatic PVP battles at Auto Battles Online that it’s hard for players to resist. Perhaps that is why this game is suitable for both children and adults. Thanks to beautiful graphics, Auto Battles Online is like a colorful cartoon. You can both fight and watch your heroes tame your enemies. They have a lot of skills and unique fighting forms. Be it archery, magic, martial arts, and more. Diversity and distinctiveness cannot be mixed.

Auto Battles Online apk

The battles at Auto Battles Online always create an exciting atmosphere. Even many people consider it somewhat chaotic. But no, that excitement comes from the fact that many heroes join the fight in each battle. Both you and your opponent want to use your strongest warriors to take down your opponent. In Auto Battles Online, the team with the most warriors that survive to the end wins. However, do not attack your teammates by mistake in that crowded and somewhat chaotic situation. Achievements will help you step by step to the top of the leaderboard. Do not give up before any opponent. The stronger the opponent, the greater the reward you can collect.

Auto Battles Online mod apk

Build your squad

The core element to winning at Auto Battles Online is building and upgrading a team of heroes. They will represent you against other online players. In Auto Battles Online, there are thousands of specially designed heroes. Once you have brought them to the team, make them the strongest warriors. Besides the game, training is equally important. However, understanding this, Auto Battles Online has an automatic training mode. Your squad can continue to be upgraded and strengthened while you are away. And then, after returning, players will find their team many times more potent. They are ready for any given task.

Auto Battles Online android

Upgrade skills and weapons

Thanks to the victory from the levels, your squad will be upgraded. From there, the opportunity to unlock better equipment also appears. The online world that Auto Battles Online creates is full of legendary items. Some rare weapons with significant damage, like Hellsword or Crystal Longsword, are also available here. In addition, unique armor such as the Forest Steward’s Dress will help protect the heroes against powerful attacks. With Auto Battles Online, weapons and armor are also leveled. As you progress further, the items are more abundant and good. Therefore, try to win to upgrade your squad’s armor, weapons, and spells.

Auto Battles Online apk free

Conquer fertile islands

In the world of Auto Battles Online, each island and each land is ruled by different armies. If you are confident in the strength of your squad, let them go to conquer new lands. There, players can explore a series of exciting dungeons. However, let’s teach one thing no matter where the human factor is still the most important. First, equip the warriors in your squad carefully. Auto Battles Online allow players to change from the hero’s appearance to the weapon. Their metrics are also clearly personalized. In addition, after the battle, do not forget to collect an abundant source of loot left behind by the enemy.

Auto Battles Online is a fun strategy role-playing game. The online world brings fiercer competition to you. However, with thousands of unique heroes, you can be completely confident in your ability to win. Train, equip and upgrade them to become the most powerful warriors. Auto Battles Online is inspired by Japanese animation, which is very familiar to users. Download Auto Battles Online mod and become the commander of the most powerful army of heroes.

Download Auto Battles Online MOD APK (Menu/Damage, defence multiplier) for Android

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