Assassin’s Creed Rebellion MOD APK v3.4.3 (God mode)

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NameAssassin’s Creed Rebellion
PublisherUbisoft Entertainment
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesGod mode
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation

V1: God mode

V2: Menu mod

  • One Hit Kill // High Assassin Damage. Works for Chests & Doors as well
  • God mode // Take No Damage
  • No Skill CD // Can Use Assassin Skills Repeatedly
  • High Stats // High Dexterity, Agility etc.
  • All Assassins Unlocked // All Assassins Usable
  • Region Detection Bypass // No Unsupported Region Alert

Assassin’s Creed Rebellion becomes professional assassins, progressing to many high-class battles. You can join as a team and meet many friends around the world. Receiving rewards after each match is excellent to help you upgrade your skills and add support services. The issue of the warrior’s outfit will be improved over time, depending on your level of play. It is not simple, but it is possible to rescue your teammates when the enemy is too strong. They are also fighting hard to regain the territory they have occupied. Endless scrambles take place every week for you to infiltrate.

Assassins Creed Rebellion android

Download Assassin’s Creed Rebellion mod – Gather powerful assassins

Classy warriors are waiting for you to collect; there are not too many choices. Review your previous fights with you, so you don’t get demolished again. Your teammates must have a solid foundation not to be eliminated early in the game. Just stick to the exact strategy you’ve laid out and stick to it. The process of upgrading yourself goes through many stages; you bring a new look every day. Gather mighty knights into a team, uniting and ecstatic when necessary. The player performs with a significant role, being the leader, so no mistakes are allowed.

Assassins Creed Rebellion apk

Experiencing memories through each stage will be a special moment for each player. Can feel each different era with a unique adventure, going where you have never been. Forces, including you, are contesting territories in Spain. Make up cunning plots for outstanding performance, and collect many expensive trophies. Players never stop giving up, progressing to more advanced levels to express themselves. That is also an exceptional quality for a professional assassin. When you are fully armed, you are not afraid of any opponent. Go straight to your opponent without any hesitation; go ahead!

Assassins Creed Rebellion mod

Build legendary characters

Assassin’s Creed Rebellion makes a whole collection of superheroes for you to collect. The missing pieces in the team you need to fill quickly. Somehow you must conquer all the legendary characters in the field of assassins to bring back your team. Team up with more than 70 members, discover exclusive characters, and own legendary warriors. The familiar names have made your team famous worldwide, and every opponent must be scared. Train and upgrade specialized assassins, acting on your orders. Your Brotherhood force is more potent and robust, fighting even more masterpieces.

Assassins Creed Rebellion apk free

Team management

Players have the right to use resources to add more trophies to the collection. You will build a new upgrade room, equipped with much modern equipment to manage your teammates closely. New equipment, costumes, and protective gear also need to be regularly upgraded. Players have to default to team reform because nothing lasts forever. Your warrior, too, needs to be well-equipped and not vulnerable to the opponent. Choosing which team to play is your strategy, decided by your hand. Collect DNA fragments to successfully unlock each character, adding them to the group your way.

Assassins Creed Rebellion mod apk

Carry out secret missions

Players can bring into Assassin’s Creed Rebellion secrets that never existed. What you are doing in Spain is meaningful for each of your warriors. Please allow them to develop their fighting ability as well as teamwork. Pick the perfect combination of heroes, sending them to high-class agents from various positions. Fight your way; everyone’s fate is in your hands. It may or may not be dangerous, but there is a mystery behind every story you bring. Developing strategies and executing more and more projects, putting important agents first.

Assassin’s Creed Rebellion feels the thrill of every second you fight. Perhaps that is the nature of the assassins you participate in, always bringing surprises. Attack your opponent’s strongholds for fabulous prizes every day. Unique skills need to be promoted daily so as not to miss any opportunity with the opponent. Defeat other mighty knights and create an excellent action playing field. Take the heroes to the top and enjoy the feeling of being a successful leader. Start with fiery invasions between world rivals. Download Assassin’s Creed Rebellion mod, and explore the assassin superhero in the dark world.

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