Art of War: Legions MOD APK 6.8.4 (Menu/Summon/One hit kill)

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NameArt of War: Legions APK
PublisherFastone Games HK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Summon/One hit kill
SupportAndroid 4.1+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation

V1: Mod menu

  • Summon rock golem
  • Summon rhino knight
  • Summon pumpkin guard
  • Summon viking
  • Summon meteor golem

V2: Mod menu

  • One hit kill
  • God mode

Become a good and powerful commander in Art of War: Legions. Your troops will have to participate in offensive wars, defeating the enemy. You will need to have your own strategies, using soldiers to destroy the enemy. As a commander at the top of the army, the player needs to have a high responsibility. Arrange positions for each soldier, giving effective ways to attack. Warriors with courage and determination to defeat all enemies. Art of War: Legions will let players implement specific strategies, build a powerful army. Prepare well for every battle, bring glorious victory.

Art of War Legions mod

Download Art of War: Legions mod – Destroy enemy forces

Battle in Art of War: Legions require only a few soldiers. The battle takes place on a not too large scale, but enough for players to have a lot of experience. The dangers and difficulties will constantly bring, players will have to face many challenges. The progress of each battle is shown in detail, quickly knowing the results. Because the time of the war did not last too long, whether victory belongs to your army will also depend on how you fight. The force and skills in each attack are the advantages to get the victory. Has good power to resist all spells from the enemy. Eliminates large numbers of enemies, causing them to disintegrate.

Art of War Legions mod apk

Here gather brave and resilient soldier heroes. They will be the force for you to arrange the main battle squad. Countless other quests will also be provided. Players will need to complete and quickly destroy all enemy troops. There are clever tactics, making each enemy unstoppable. Control the army to battle, get high achievements. In charge of the entire army participating in fighting off attacks from the enemy, making them afraid. Achieve the set goals, become a good commander.

Art of War Legions mod free

Army commander

Your role in Art of War: Legions will be an army commander. The task is to lead all soldiers to attack, defeat the enemy. Step into the battlefield and make high achievements together. Each level will have to face a different number of enemies. They will also grow over time, requiring players to have battle plans. There is a thorough preparation for each warrior before going to battle, training them in combat skills. Arrange each position for the warrior, entrust each task to them. From there, there will be quick attacks if the enemy takes action from a distance. Ensure the safety of the entire army and do not let the enemy reach the goal. Go to the battlefield and show your ability through military strategies.

Art of War Legions mod android

Brave warriors collection

The enemies are very strong, that’s why you need to strengthen your army. The soldiers will contribute to creating high achievements in each war. You can collect many different soldiers, adding to a more significant force. Those brave faces will work together and defeat the enemy quickly. Above all, you also need to upgrade the hero. Give them more health, higher attack, and higher defense. Even if the number of troops is less than the enemy, the chance to win may still be for you. Increase strength as well as contribute to making the combat power of soldiers more fierce. Despite all the enemies, make commendable achievements.

Art of War Legions mod download

Bonus quests

The quest system is all provided in Art of War: Legions. Players will have to perform to bring victory for the whole team. Each time is done, Art of War: Legions will give you the corresponding bonus amount. You will have more opportunities to buy hero cards, recruit more talented combat units. The levels continuously bring challenges. A lot of unique rewards will be given to players, such as gems, gems. The more you complete the task, the more chances you have to get the bonus. For the soldiers to coordinate closely, stop and make the enemy unable to fight back.

The battle is exciting but also full of dangers. Players will be the supreme commander, controlling the army against the enemy. Gather the number of heroes, build more skills in each attack. Join the heroic warriors to defeat all enemies. Download Art of War: Legions military commander mod, complete excellent missions.

Download Art of War: Legions MOD APK (Menu/Summon/One hit kill) for Android

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