Arrow Fest MOD APK 9.7 (Unlimited upgrades)

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NameArrow Fest APK
PublisherRollic Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited upgrades
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Arrow Fest is a game where you control arrows. Make navigation arrows move forward to attack the opponent. Show your skills during the game, dodging all obstacles. Also makes the number of arrows increases rapidly, increasing the damage to the enemy. The only goal is to defeat all the guards on the road, choose a safe gate to go. Face every challenge and win. Conquer the highest level of play, achieve the maximum number of arrows.

Arrow Fest mod

Download Arrow Fest mod – Attack enemies with arrows

As you know, the arrow is a weapon that is used a lot in matches. Arrow Fest will be the place for you to become an archer, navigating arrows throughout the journey. Aim accurately at the target, not allowing the enemy to dodge. However, there will be quite a few obstacles to prevent your arrows. Although the gameplay is simple, winning depends on many factors. The control skill will be the decisive factor to the result. Observe and perform precise aiming, making the giant and all enemies die.

Arrow Fest mod free

The game is designed with simple, intuitive, easy-to-remember controls. Brings entertainment through each level, challenging your ability to become a master of arrows. In addition to the task of attacking the enemy, you also have to increase the number of hands quickly. This will help improve the power, speed up the destruction process faster. Just touch the screen and swipe to control, aim at the enemies in front. Earn a lot of money by completing all the missions, make opponents respect. Participate in every battle, show your strength through the arrows of damage.

Arrow Fest mod download

Complete mission

Entering the game screen, you will have to navigate the arrows forward. Enemies will also appear and are the force that you need to attack immediately. At the same time, dodge obstacles to shoot arrows to the desired position. Each time the level is completed, the Arrow Fest continues to open the next door. Players will face new enemies, many dangers to face. There will be difficulties whether you are a master or a new player. When you have destroyed all enemies, overcome all obstacles, you have won.

Arrow Fest mod apk

Arrow upgrade

Initially playing, the number of arrows provided is not too much. The selection of the best doors will help increase the arrow. The difficulty will also increase gradually through each level, causing many obstacles for you. Upgrading the arrow is essential, allowing the distance to fly further. However, skill when aiming and a little luck is still the way to achieve a high score. Increases accuracy when attacking enemies, significantly increasing damage to all arrows you own.

Arrow Fest mod android

Many challenging levels

Arrow Fest will continuously bring challenges, allowing you to challenge yourself. The higher the level of the game, the more dangerous obstacles you will have to overcome. The roads will also be more difficult to go, causing obstacles during arrow control. At the same time, the enemy will also increase rapidly, and they will make counterattacks in quick succession. For each successful destruction of an opponent, the player will receive a corresponding bonus. Navigate the arrows fired at each enemy, leaving no chance for any force to survive.

Attack all enemies that appear on the road in turn to get the victory. By directing the arrows forward, aim at every target. Dodge all the obstacles and get the highest score. Collect lots of coins and get to the top levels. Download Arrow Fest mod destroy enemy forces with arrows.

Download Arrow Fest MOD APK (Unlimited upgrades) for Android

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