Armed Heist MOD APK v2.5.3 (God mode)

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NameArmed Heist
MOD FeaturesGod mode
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Armed Heist is the place for you to become a professional bandit. Participate in bank robberies. Carry out intrigues and actions to be able to seize many properties. Big or small thefts will also involve you. Make plans, coordinate with other bandits to achieve the goal. Coming to Armed Heist, players will be one of the daring robbers. Willing to do all actions to rob the money at the bank quickly. Shootings will also take place, police forces, and opponents will also attack you. Players will start with counterattacks, performing robberies at banks in the city.

Armed Heist mod

Download Armed Heist mod – Join a gang of bank robbers

Play the role of a villain, ready to do meaningless missions. Attack your opponents and save your life. Step into the bank and immediately take action to be able to complete the task. Robberies are constantly taking place, providing dramatic experiences. The police won’t leave you alone. They will always stalk, even shoot you alive, making you unable to keep up. Players will need to observe and defend themselves so as not to fall into the hands of the police. Do you dare to try your hand at these robberies? If the answer is yes, immediately go to Armed Heist and do it.

Armed Heist mod apk

No longer are the heroes quelling the rebellion, chasing the bad guys like you used to play. Armed Heist is a place for players to be professional bandits. At the same time, the game also allows you to fight with guns and counter the police. Those who love shooting gameplay, diverse missions will not be missed. Dare to take risks and assert your own skills. Facing many police officers, many challenges will be set. The winner will be the one who completes the goal and defeats the enemy. Dodge the shooting phase from the police, ensure your safety.

Armed Heist mod android

Bold criminal

The bank you just robbed will quickly be surrounded by police. You will have to face a large force of police officers. Life now will ultimately depend on your own courage. Quickly seek temporary shelter to get safe. Ready to respond to attacks from the police. A bandit who is not afraid of anything dares to oppose the forces of justice. You will begin to step into each shooting and different missions. More than 70 challenges ahead, do you want to become the criminal no one can resist? Show up with your face and clothes covered, to avoid being recognized by others. Participate in missions, rob many properties in big banks.

Armed Heist mod download

Weapon use

Armed Heist not only has a unique weapon system but also allows players to create their own. In the shops, there will be different weapons for sale. Types of guns such as rifles, pistols, sniper rifles… You can create special guns with powerful destructive power. Self-made weapons will also make counter-attacks easier. In addition, Armed Heist also has the necessary equipment to support the mission. The handle, the ammo box, the scope… are all important, indispensable items. The larger the arsenal, the more your power is increased. Choose each suitable gun to defeat the enemies in the fastest time.

Armed Heist mod free

Crime map

Maps are displayed with detailed images of the banks. Thanks to it, you will have more information related to the bank. Make plans, map out the paths to start the robbery. Find out the bank has low security, the protection is not tight. From there, aim at the target and perform the theft in the shortest time. However, during the implementation, a lot of surprises will also happen. A gun barrel is aiming at your head, many forces surprise attack… Many challenges will take place, players will have to face them. Calm, responsive solutions will help you overcome danger quickly.

Join the criminal gang, be a professional robber. Dare to be big deals, robbing every bank in the city. Armed Heist will make you a ruthless bandit, wearing unique costumes. Download Armed Heist mod to rob properties in banks.

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