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Are you passionate about science fiction and multiverse themes across comic books, movies and video games? All will be summed up in the most minimalist way in this Annihilation: Idle Game game. With this game, you don’t need to make wars across the multiverse. Or prevent potential dangers that may occur to wipe out this entire universe. You will press repeatedly press to perform tasks and plans to change the universe. You will initiate the very origin of the universe. And we need a lot of the necessary resources to fulfil that mission. Are you ready for this?

Annihilation Idle Game mod

Download Annihilation: Idle Game mod – Adjust the multiverse to your liking

Annihilation: Idle Game is an idle simulation game with a sci-fi theme. Specifically, the multiverse is a concept that humans have discussed for a very long time. In it, people think that many other parallel universes exist with ours. They all live in the same state and time. But it’s almost impossible for humans to access that. And so Annihilation: Idle Game was born to satisfy gamers’ curiosity. Priority is given to gamers who have passion and love for science fiction. Topics like the multiverse or galactic war are always top favourites.

So what are we going to do inside this Annihilation: Idle Game? You will begin the first process of forming the universe. Generate particles of matter and energy from acquired resources. Expressed in units of power, the more power, the more value is produced. Issues react with each other to create new matter; the universe is formed and developed like that. Every second that passes is equivalent to millions of years your universe is going through. In the beginning, there will be many things you need to do. Because they are an essential foundation for the development of matter existing in the universe as it is now. The goal is to reach the state of time travel.

Annihilation Idle Game mod mod apk

Upgrade important element

The early universe consisted only of planets, good matter, dark energy, and black holes always looking for prey. There are also many more factors that we do not have access to. It’s antimatter; stars are billions of light-years from Earth… Those things will need you to use energy to upgrade them. When new milestones are reached, these matters transform into a more advanced and complete state-provided that you have maxed them out to get those achievements. This process takes billions of years to do, and you’ll get a decent reward when it’s done.

Annihilation Idle Game mod mod apk free

Destroy everything possible

Contrary to the process of creating matter, Annihilation: Idle Game also has another version. It is for you to eradicate the universe, leaving no trace after having completed all necessary and sufficient conditions in the universe; I will destroy everything, returning the universe to its original state. To do this also requires a tremendous amount of energy. The reverse process shows that you intend to erase the universe. The time to complete is equivalent to the time it takes you to create the complete universe. This experiment aims to help you observe the universe in all its states in the most intuitive way.

Annihilation Idle Game mod mod free

Time travel stones

The time travel stones are attractive and curious elements for players in Annihilation: Idle Game. A familiar concept but cannot be visualized concretely. The stones are given to you every time you complete a cycle of the universe. So when creating or destroying the universe, you will receive a travel stone. We can use it to travel to any point in the universe. It will look like it even before you make the universe or destroy it. No one can answer these questions until you start using the stones and uncover the biggest mystery of this universe.

Annihilation Idle Game mod free

Whether space travel takes you to the past or the future, this is also a rare experience for players to feel in a game. Especially when this game is idle and has many essential elements, but that’s what makes players not bored. Even persistently looking for answers to the universe. Annihilation: Idle Game mod will answer for you in a fantasy and most attractive aspect.

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