Animal Village MOD APK v1.1.36 (Unlimited money)

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NameAnimal Village
PublisherHeroCraft Labs
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Animal Village comes to the magical forest of the most beautiful and cutest animals in the world. You will be the one to rescue the barren land of the countryside and give life to the animals here. They had to endure poverty for a long time without anyone caring for them. Make plans to renovate and renew energy and bring joy back. A mess is waiting for you to sort out; there are quite a few tasks for you in this game. Everything related to the existence of creatures you have to take care of, helping them grow. At the same time, you also own this wonderful forest and discover the magic in every space.

Animal Village android

Download Animal Village mod – Rescue the zoo island in the forest

This is the time for you to enjoy the fresh air of the mountains and live in harmony with animals. They are so cute, like little angels. Needing care and protection from dangers, wishing for a hole to hide in every night. Dreams are not so luxurious. Can you help them? They will appreciate you and give you more opportunities to explore the forest if they can. Giving and receiving is the eternal law of life; if you love animals and wish to renovate the island, you will receive sweet fruits in return. You will raise innocent children, and watching them grow up daily is so happy.

Animal Village mod apk 1

Animal Village is like a village in the countryside, with many small things but very sacred. The life of animals and plants is decreasing. Fortunately, your skillful hands appear in time. When you save the creatures, they can eat and sleep in a decent place. The farm fragments also gradually disappeared, replaced by cottages and trees growing around. Your territory is also expanding, breeding more animals. The space on the island suddenly becomes joyful; everything gets along and unites like a family. So you will build your own nest, not letting any animal suffer.

Animal Village apk free

Fill the void

At first, it was an empty field with weeds that pushed the road, but after only a few days of taking care of this place, it turned into a dream village. You create trees, let animals live again, and set rules of operation. All have a place to hide, avoiding the haunts of the wicked. The houses, though small, are enough for them to live, planning many plots of land to accumulate into a large village. The shape of the houses can be a pumpkin, a thatched hut, or a bird’s nest. The animals are divided into different compartments; they all have a place to live. Surrounded by trees, flowers, solid fences, and living a meaningful life.

Animal Village apk

Let’s explore the magical forest together

Animal Village allows you to have fun with friends and create many new relationships. You and your teammates and wild animals lead each other to exploit secrets. The forest is like a vast maze; remember the way back home if you find your way. Otherwise, the chances of encountering wild animals or hunters will be high. And that’s not good at all, but make sure it’s safe. The deeper you go into the forest, the more you will encounter a stronghold surrounded by only demons. They will attack you again if you are planning to approach their owner. But this is when you find out the truth, get the key and enjoy the plot right now.

Animal Village mod

Farm care

Animal Village sets out on a mission to save the souls of the animals and bring life to the island. That’s why you take care of the forest day and night, finding ways to make the village survive. You can grow crops to create food, but each animal has its diet. Everything will go smoothly if you can cover them all; they all love you. Or build houses and stables to raise animals. Everything you’re doing will make for a fun and colorful zoo. The ecosystem is also re-established; everyone has a home and food to live in. A happy life with friends makes you excited and want to stay here for a long time.

Start a new journey with Animal Village, and enjoy the taste of village life. With missions full of experience, you will be hooked from the first time you play. As the owner of a large farm, it will be challenging to build the foundation, but when you pass the first stage, everything will be more stable. Fairytale scenery with many attractive things will always become a surprise for you. Download Animal Village mod to rescue animals and renovate them into a beautiful place.

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