AnimA ARPG MOD APK v3.0.3 (Menu/Damage multiplier/God mode/Unlimited gold, points)

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NameAnimA ARPG
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/Damage multiplier/God mode/Unlimited gold, points
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Anima ARPG is an engaging action role-playing game for Android devices. Inspired by the old school game and brought new gameplay. Join the journey with the hero on the way to slay the monsters. Dangerous and difficult obstacles will be shown most realistically. Each level will bring you more experiences and challenges to face. The evil forces are increasing day by day, causing you to encounter more and more obstacles. To defeat them requires determination, a formidable force. Do not rush to give up before their formidable actions because when you grasp the monsters’ weaknesses, it is easier to attack.

AnimA ARPG mod

Download Anima ARPG mod – Challenging monster-killing journey

Compared to other role-playing games, it must be said that the difficulty of AnimA ARPG is overwhelming. Warriors will have to go through many dangerous labyrinths to reach the goal. Surrounded by pitfalls that make you face a lot of difficulties. Every move must be careful so as not to fall into a bad situation. Destroying enemies will also be very difficult when they appear in large numbers. You need to focus on observing and having a timely response to the opponent. A series of unexpected developments sometimes make you unable to keep up. Try to conquer the highest level, and complete the match excellently.

AnimA ARPG mod free

Being a hero is not difficult, but fulfilling your mission is not easy, mainly when the frequency of monsters constantly appearing densely makes the fighting process more difficult. The feeling of anxiety and the atmosphere of darkness also reduced the fighting spirit. In addition to attack power, a will is also the deciding factor to win or lose. Do not let the opponent have the advantage, but fight with all your abilities. Lead warriors to attack, creating legendary attack combos.

AnimA ARPG mod download

Powerful warrior system

The warriors in Anima ARPG are all equipped with formidable power and skills. You should take advantage and promote their strengths to conquer. Anima ARPG gives you three forces corresponding to three choices, including warriors, magicians, and archers. With each force, there will be different skills for players to discover. About the warrior, he has excellent physical attack ability, creating a series of impressive combos. A magician is a person who uses and devises many tactics to control demons. Archers will aim and shoot arrows at all targets. The battle strength of each hero does not make you worry, but you need to know how to combine the battle. Take advantage of the strong points to hit the weak points of the demons, destroying all of them.

AnimA ARPG mod android

Companion with pets

If there are more companions, the fighting will also be less arduous. In some fighting games, there is often a warrior or a talented hero. But for Anima ARPG, the opposite is true. Accompanying you will pet. These are not ordinary pets that will possess many abilities. They can use magic, helping you increase your combat power. Use them in case of need, eliminating a series of formidable enemies. Match closely to win, making all monsters have no way to survive.

AnimA ARPG mod apk

Collect many items

Fighting will make you quite tired. However, in return will bring valuable items. You will need to collect items to get more new opportunities. It will be able to increase attack stats or bring powerful weapons. More than 200 items, 8 gems are provided in AnimA ARPG. If possessed, the power of the Class is also upgraded quite a lot. Move to every area, focus on attacking and get lots of other items. Download AnimA ARPG mod on a dangerous monster-killing journey with superheroes.

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