Angry Birds Dream Blast MOD APK 1.49.0 (Menu/Unlimited lives, moves, boosters)

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NameAngry Birds Dream Blast APK
PublisherRovio Entertainment Corporation
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited lives, moves, boosters
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation

V1: Menu/Unlimited lives, moves, boosters

V2: Unlimited lives, props

Angry Birds Dream Blast is an adventure world with lovely birds. Explore many locations and solve the most exciting series of puzzles. Together with Angry Birds, break the ball beams, score high. Each game screen will always bring surprises and joy to players. Participate in a series of outstanding events and complete all the goals set. Conquer all challenging levels, unlock more energy for the birds. Angry Birds Dream Blast will make your boring day more fun. Break the balls, achieve many high records.

Angry Birds Dream Blast mod

Download Angry Birds Dream Blast mod – Break the balls with Angry Birds

Continuing to be a game with familiar Angry Birds images with new gameplay. Players will control these birds to perform movements to make every cluster of balls explode. Not only attractive in the game mode, but Angry Birds Dream Blast also attracts attention with its unique character image. Each character is shown with colourful, funny and lively game sounds. The feeling of fun and all the boredom will quickly be gone. The function of creating names on top of Angry Birds, their power will conquer all levels of play. Immerse yourself in each adventure, gain experiences in this endless journey.

Angry Birds Dream Blast mod free

To talk about games related to Angry Birds, this is already the national game. Gamers have chosen to play in moments of relaxation and stress relief. If you are also a fan of this genre, do not rush to ignore Angry Birds Dream Blast. The first will have to mention colours with vivid images, building diverse character images. Next is about how to play is also quite simple but does not create a feeling of boredom. Players just need to tap the screen and make all the balls break. Continue like this until the number of balls is destroyed and you have won.

Angry Birds Dream Blast mod download


Angry Birds Dream Blast has not too complicated gameplay, the goal is to make all the balls explode. Make observations to touch the giant balls to score high scores. Every move and touch the ball, players need to have careful calculations. The game will limit the moves, so it is necessary to have the best strategy when playing. Moving at a slower speed is also an easy way to get a win. At the same time, at each move, unlock new skills for Angry Birds. Increase strength and support in each mission. Smashing every ball is also the fastest way to relieve stress. Make the most of the skill and use it in the necessary cases to not consume the birds’ energy.

Angry Birds Dream Blast mod apk

Explore the new world

The adventure will take you to many locations around the world. After completing the level, Angry Birds Dream Blast will unlock the next level. Each new challenge will also be provided, enter a colourful world. Move to each area, focus on completing the task quickly. The trip explores every area with many missions offered. The difficulty will also be gradually increased, you will face countless challenges. Even having to replay many times to be able to reach a new level is entirely normal. Do not rush to give up, patience also helps you to complete the level. Accompany cute birds to all corners of the world.

Angry Birds Dream Blast mod android

Break down the balls

The birds will have the ability to make balloon explosions. Players will control them to make moves to make every ball quickly explode. By matching balls of the same colour together to create  Angry Birds are red. The red bird can create a small explosion, breaking a relative number of balls. To make the explosion bigger, match two red birds to create yellow Angry Birds. When the yellow Angry Birds combine, all the balls will immediately explode. Different colours distinguish the destructive power of each bird. Discover each character’s unique ability, win many valuable rewards. Download Angry Birds Dream Blast mod join the quest adventure with adorable Angry Birds.

Download Angry Birds Dream Blast MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited lives, moves, boosters) for Android

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