Anger of stick 5: zombie MOD APK 1.1.79 (Unlimited Money)

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NameAnger of stick 5: zombie APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Anger of stick 5: zombies is a game to kill zombies. You will be the stickman hero, standing up to attack all of them. The fight takes place on the street, and there are always zombies. Your job is to keep moving forward and not give them a chance to survive so that the city will return to life as before and no more zombies. Anger of stick 5: zombies will let players fight and eliminate all zombies from the area. Together with teammates, and perform fierce battles. Hit the opponent hard and make them lose.

Anger of stick 5 zombie mod download

Zombie troops will always appear in large numbers. Strong army and high combat ability. Therefore, players also need to focus and attack quickly. You will be shown as a street warrior protecting the peace. Step into Anger of stick 5: zombies, open fierce battles. Causes all enemies to receive death and no way to live. Anger of stick 5: zombies with attractive gameplay, allowing you to stand up and attack all opponents. Don’t let them rampage and riot in the streets. Join the battle and eliminate all enemy health. Decisive battle and use all skills to defeat them quickly.

Anger of stick 5 zombie mod android

Download Anger of stick 5: zombie mod – Attack zombies on the street

Zombie game is no stranger to gamers. Always bring intense battles and many surprises. Anger of stick 5: zombie is no exception, it is a game that many people love. Offers challenges and quests for players to perform. Making the zombie army will quickly drain its health. Make sure the street will be free of its shadow. The gameplay is dramatic and attracts a lot of players to choose from. Come up with ways to fight and use modern weapons. It’s not too difficult to destroy them all. Take part in multiple levels of play and master the battle. It causes the zombies to disintegrate quickly. Restoring peace for the city and for everyone. Come to Anger of stick 5: zombies, get lost in the zombie world and attack them.

Anger of stick 5 zombie mod free

Equip offensive weapons

Use familiar weapons like shotguns. Aim at the right opponent and make them no longer survive. Lots of equipment to let you confidently enter the battle. With your friends, take a gun and go around the streets. Any zombies that appear immediately rush towards them. Use the gun and shoot in quick succession, don’t let their counterattack. Bringing the most powerful and fierce attacks. Make each zombie will be defeated in the shortest time. Also, use helicopters for remote destruction in the sky. Increases damage and makes the evil zombies have no way to escape. Modern vehicles greatly contribute to the destruction of the enemy.

Anger of stick 5 zombie mod apk

Challenging battle

Offering a variety of levels of play, players will start with a variety of challenges. The higher the level, the more demanding the quests will be. A lot of difficulties will be waiting for you ahead. Players will have to face a large force of zombies. They also have a strong fighting ability and know-how to dodge attacks. Therefore, it is not easy to destroy them. Continuity is the challenge that will be opened. Players will pass each level and fight about each zombie. Use the gun and aim right at the opponent, continuously attack them hard. To be able to overcome those challenges and win. Enhance missions and add drama to the game. Players will face and make opponents fear.

Anger of stick 5 zombie mod

Combine with teammates

The number of zombies will continuously increase rapidly. Fighting alone will quickly consume energy. As you move and attack, find more teammates for fighting zombies together. Up to 6 people will join your army. Strong coordination and use of tactics to eliminate the enemy. When you have more friends to fight with, your strength will also be increased. Reduce the difficulty that zombies will cause you. Cooperate with your army and have the best handling. Avoid counterattacks from them, do not let your life fall into the hands of zombies. Divide into groups and fight zombies one by one. Disintegrate all enemy troops and make them accept death. Download Anger of stick 5: zombie mod street soldier, kill zombies.

Download Anger of stick 5: zombie MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android

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