Angel Saga MOD APK v1.96 (Menu/Unlimited HP/Attack speed multiplier)

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NameAngel Saga
PublisherAlchemist Games Inc.
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited HP/Attack speed multiplier
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation

Mod only works on rooted devices

Menu mod:

  • Unlimited HP
  • Always critical
  • High critical damage
  • Attack speed multiplier
  • Move speed multiplier

Angel Saga lets you accompany the beautiful Myel. Attracting players by its attractive appearance, hidden inside is strength. The girl will move to the area to attack the enemy. The battles are in her presence, confronting countless dangerous opponents. Take every action to be able to escape from the dungeon. Lead Myel to create the most potent destructive combos, making enemies unstoppable. Combined with impressive combat skills, quickly destroy the evil force. Altogether removing the bad forces protects her safety.

Angel Saga mod

Download Angel Saga mod – Prison break with pretty Myel

The image of warriors on the battlefield is no longer strange. They are heroes who can defeat all enemies. Coming to Angel Saga, players will have a different view when the main hero is a girl. Women are inherently weak and fragile, but in this game, they are different. Myel – the girl that accompanies you throughout the battle. Her life will depend on how you lead. Control the character to perform the fight, avoiding all actions from the opponent. Take advantage and know how to use weapons during combat. Observe the enemy’s movements and directions to have a timely response to any opponent’s counterattack.

Angel Saga mod download

The mission throughout the Angel Saga is to attack Myel to overcome danger. You will be in control, creating the most potent attacks to defeat all enemies. The battles are constantly taking place, bringing an explosive atmosphere. To be able to win each match, focusing on fighting is essential. Each match has a magical effect, making it feel like being on a real battlefield. Easily fight with controls, helping Myel quickly find a way out. Obstructing the enemy’s every move, causing them to receive a tragic end.

Angel Saga mod android

Many evil, powerful bosses

The arena in Angel Saga will gather countless cruel enemies. They not only have strong destructive power but also appear in large numbers. When confronting them, players need to use skills and tactics to fight back. The number of enemies is also constantly increasing through each level, bringing countless challenges for you. Learn about each enemy’s strengths and weaknesses. Take advantage of the favorable situation to defeat all the enemies quickly. This will be both a challenge and an opportunity to test the power of the female warrior. Through each encounter with the enemy, the boss is also a way to improve the ability to fight. Killing as many enemy bosses will also help you get valuable rewards.

Angel Saga mod apk

Change appearance combined with skills

Not only leading Myel in each battle, but gamers can also change her outfit. Angel Saga includes a series of beautiful costumes that transform her into more prominent. At the same time to upgrade your strength, don’t forget to hone new skills. Using support weapons creates many formidable attack combos. Each change of the character’s appearance will also bring a unique experience. Unlock more new suits as you progress to higher levels. With more than 60 skills to combine to create impressive action sequences. Option to change the appearance at will, confront in every fight.

Angel Saga mod free

Magic effect

Each battle is built with unique magical effects. The sound and visuals that Angel Saga created seem to bring you to the battlefield in real life. Fullscreen will be the battle, where the player is free to act. Dodge, each attack from the opponent, escapes all danger. Choose your own path, resist all evil forces. The challenge door is constantly opened with the most realistic effects. Bravely move to the enemy’s concentrated position, compete in all thrilling arenas.

Confronting monsters and enemies is never easy. Furthermore, the conqueror was none other than the girl Myel. However, if you know how to take advantage of skills and intelligent tactics, everything is no longer too difficult. Myel’s life depends on your hands. Download Angel Saga mod to help her escape from prison and resist enemy attacks.

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