Almost a Hero MOD APK 5.6.4 (Menu/Unlimited money/Auto tap)

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NameAlmost a Hero APK
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited money/Auto tap
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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MOD Infomation

[ Player Menu ]

  • -> Auto Tap

[ Account Menu ]

  • -> Add Currency {PetKeys,Gold,Aeon,Mythstone,Tokens,Scraps,Gems,EventPoints,Candies,TrinketPacks,ForgeCasts} (PetKeys / ForgeCasts works on 1 multiplier only)

Gamers are familiar and bored with hero role-playing games. To create a new and innovative way to make players more excited, Almost a Hero mod was born. Games are a different and exciting approach developers give to their customers. Almost a Hero is an extraordinary adventure. In the game, players will be interacting with heroic characters that are not perfect. More precisely, the characters are naive and somewhat unintelligent. But that is what makes Almost a Hero different and attractive.

Almost a Hero mod

Download Almost a Hero mod – Hero saves the world

The game builds situations from a story that is both tragic and humorous. A peaceful village is suddenly attacked and invaded. The elders, because they wanted to find a way to replace themselves and also to defeat the enemy, sent an army of idiots to the battle. It was expected that everything would end quickly because these characters would be defeated. But no miracle happened. Being pushed into a reluctant situation accidentally created extraordinary heroes. Players do not start with characters with complete skills and combat superiority. However, they can turn ordinary characters into savior heroes on their own. Anyone can go to war and fight.

Almost a Hero mod download

Conquer new mode

Almost a Hero is endless battles. They are created by different game modes. Here is your chance to shine. In the war with the enemy, you are not alone. There will be a mighty army formed from random characters. All join in the epic battle. Unknown people, thanks to their victories, will become great heroes. Dozens of levels with the increasing challenge are brought. One notable point in Almost a Hero is the numerical advantage that the player has. Each game screen in each different game mode will bring different experiences.

Improve your character

An inevitable requirement that players need to create for the character is progress. In Almost a Hero, the higher the level, the stronger and more numerous the enemy units faced. Leveling up and improving the surface will bring additional new skills to the character. Warriors Hilt, Belly, Vexx, Lenny all can upgrade in appearance and combat power. It should be noted that each character has a unique and associated unique weapon. Players need to have reasonable choices and considerations to achieve the highest efficiency. Besides, you can also change the appearance of the character through the collection of costumes. They will help your warriors in more particular and novel. There are up to 26 unique skins that can be worn on the character that Almost a Hero provides. You can unleash your creativity and choose your favorite costume for your character.

Almost a Hero mod apk

Maintain high stats

The character’s stats in Almost a Hero are shown on the screen interface. It will provide an overview of the character’s health and combat strength. Those stats include health level, movement speed, combat skills. Gamers must maintain these stats as high as possible, especially the health index. If you leave it to the last line, the risk of defeat is only a matter of time. In Almost a Hero, almost all players will start from zero. That’s why you can’t let your efforts and efforts go in vain.

Almost a Hero mod android

Explore the magic and pet system

Besides the power of conventional weapons, the magic system in the game is also a great point. Ancient magic is a power that players can use to defeat opponents. Especially in significant scale boss battles, the magic comes into play. Almost a Hero has magic about wind, fire, and thunder under the vivid representation of 3D graphics. Parallel to the fierce battles is the appearance of pets. They contribute to making the game more vivid. Not only that, owning and raising pets also helps players a lot. These pets can help you defeat the enemy and accompany the character in the battle journey. Join Almost a Hero mod to discover the strength of the characters. Create spectacular makeovers for unsung heroes and offer spectacular battles.

Download Almost a Hero MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money/Auto tap) for Android

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