AirAttack 2 MOD APK 1.5.4 (Unlimited money, silver)

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NameAirAttack 2 APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, silver
SupportAndroid 4.3+
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If you’re bored with ground-based shooters, try AirAttack 2. After a successful season 1, Colya continues to take you to challenge and exciting high-altitude shooting angles. Still a WW2 electronic shooter with a classic feel, but AirAttack 2 has a very modern rendering. Take control of powerful and advanced warplanes, and destroy everything that stands in your way. It doesn’t matter whether they are on the ground or overhead. Victory lies in the ingenuity and quickness of the player. Feel the freedom and freedom of roaming the sky and master it. That’s what AirAttack 2 and the manufacturer hope to bring.

AirAttack 2 mod

Download AirAttack 2 mod – Join the air battle

In AirAttack 2, a lot of opponents want to fight you. That could be a giant tank. A battleship is floating in the middle of the sea. A massive rocket is on the way. Or a series of other planes roaring towards you. But there’s no need to feel scared. Whether the opponent is small or big, you can fight it. The player’s task is to control the aircraft so that the bullets hit the target consecutively. In AirAttack 2, the gun is designed with three rounds of shots to help achieve the most decisive attack. The aircraft will fire bullets continuously without stopping. You need to move them to avoid the counterattack from the ground. Try to keep the damage as minimal as possible.

AirAttack 2 apk

The feature for six-player planes makes AirAttack 2 even more attractive. Airplanes can surround entire cities and ultimately destroy the built 3D scene. Not only did killing opponents, the places they passed quickly turned into ruins. You will see a tower collapse in seconds. A train carriage broke across the track. The rocket broke up just before launch. During that process, there will be coins and items that fall. Please collect them. They are beneficial to increasing the strength of your sewing machine fleet. However, it should be noted that your position is in the sky. Therefore, you must observe all angles because the enemy can attack from all sides.

AirAttack 2 mod apk

Upgrade the aircraft squad

If you have to equip soldiers in the medieval battle, in AirAttack 2, players have to upgrade their aircraft. An aircraft can be equipped with many weapons. This factor the player needs depends on the battle situation and the opponent. AirAttack 2 includes many suggestions such as flamethrowers, bombs, lasers, propellers, or Homing missiles… Possessing many unique features, each device for the above aircraft will give you a different combat experience. Together. Take advantage, and coordinate them alternately to help you destroy large battleships and tanks. If not strong enough, the position of mastering the sky will soon be taken away, and you will regret it.

AirAttack 2 android

Diverse combat missions

The rounds in AirAttack 2 are created in many fighting styles. Each level has its objective depending on what mission it is. Challenges will take you to new heavens and lands because the game is divided into two main tasks: the campaign mission and the survival mission. First, you have to find the enemy’s hiding place in that strange place and bombard it. Sometimes the old village is deserted. At one time, it was a city that contained many skyscrapers. In many cases, opponents appear directly because they are confident they will destroy you. That’s why ingenuity is always appreciated by AirAttack 2. Your finger will help the aircraft avoid the waves of bombs and bullets of other forces.

AirAttack 2 apk free

Attraction effect

Like many games today, the graphics of AirAttack 2 are beautiful. From the perspectives of the city, the giant sea, or the village, they all come to life. The planes are meticulously designed, move flexibly and freely tilt or twist. Players can also admire the lighting effects and the real-life explosions when the match occurs. The camera angles help you feel like you are in the cockpit and become a pilot. It all blends in and makes players feel satisfied. The picture and the sound of AirAttack 2 are also equally commendable. There are up to 30 pieces of background music for you to relax while playing. Your preferences dictate the choice.

AirAttack 2 is a game that those passionate about the shooting cannot miss. With so many features and experiences and support for offline play, it is impossible to refuse. In addition to passing 22 campaign and survival missions, you also receive rewards from the daily event. So please log in regularly with AirAttack 2. In addition, you can go to the settings and customize it to your liking in terms of graphics quality. And now download AirAttack 2 mod and join the air battles to take over the sky.

Download AirAttack 2 MOD APK (Unlimited money, silver) for Android

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