A Girl Adrift MOD APK 1.375 (Unlimited resources)

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NameA Girl Adrift APK
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited resources
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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A Girl Adrift accompanies the little girl to join the exciting fishing journey on the large river. You are drifting all over the place, getting some seafood to live through the day and survive longer. Players make unexpected fishing trips, sometimes getting a big fish but sometimes just a tiny shrimp. Whatever type of seafood is included in the collection, that’s what you’re looking for. Travel to many new places on the map, and explore this new world in your way. Touch giant animals, and upgrade yourself through the timeline. Start an adventure with a girl submerged in water, surrounded by only fish.

A Girl Adrift apk free

Download A Girl Adrift mod – Fishing and explore the world like never before

The world in A Girl Adrift is large enough for you to discover new things on your own. Players have the privilege of owning large and small rivers on the map. Go everywhere to see how great everything is, combine task completion, and double the fun. Day and night fishing on a bamboo boat, a raft, or a large yacht. The journey you grow up is recognized, with dozens of items to be collected. The fish in the river and the sea will also grow in their way, bringing more value. Accompanying you is only the versatile fishing rod. Players should use many skills at the same time to show the bravery of the resilient girl.

The survival of the drifting girl is all in your hands, the decision is up to you. No matter how hard you try, A Girl Adrift will give you a bonus and a proportional number of points. The world’s unique fishes come together here, that’s what you’d expect. The game only stops when you do not catch enough fish as required. The levels of the game grow more and more, you progress to further goals. The fishing journey always goes on, day or night, so you don’t need to worry. Your conquest lies in the number of fish caught, put all your efforts into it. To create the best fish collections, top the leaderboards and get lots of loot.

A Girl Adrift mod apk

Explore the map

A Girl Adrift has released a map design with many exciting destinations. Let’s welcome players to Tokyo, Hong Kong, Hokkaido, Seoul, Everest, and many other places worldwide. Each place is marked in red, and your location where you are will also be displayed. Looking at the map, you will know how many more places you must conquer. Get lost in the immense waters, there is no endpoint. The space you see is like infinity, new horizons continue to open up that no one knows in advance. But that’s what attracts players, surprise is taken as the main thing. Going to all destinations on the map affirms the spirit of curiosity and discovery.

A Girl Adrift mod

Improve transportation

Levels increase over time, do you also need a breakthrough? This is most evident in the means of transport you move on the vast river. Initially, it was just a raft made of sturdy wooden slats that could float on water. Then, gradually upgrade to a boat, a basket boat, and a giant yacht. It’s your success with each level, it’s worth it. Taking on the role of captain is also in your mission, then your level is too great. Upgrade your boat to travel long distances and avoid attacks from external factors.

A Girl Adrift apk

Create fish collection

Many species of fish in the world are collected and reunited here by A Girl Adrift. Your task is to conquer it in many different ways. Throw away the sharp hooks to catch them, which will come with some bait. Your boom has also been upgraded to match the boat you’re traveling in. They are increasingly sharp and highly effective when fishing, which is what players often wish for. The fish are also getting bigger and bigger, more significant than your boat is possible. Shrimps, crabs, and fish appear in the river and collect in the basket. Conquer many types, and you quickly rank up and receive many valuable bonuses.

A Girl Adrift goes everywhere and stops at one place, attaching her body to the water. Your journey to conquer fish begins when you press the ready button, and everything is activated. You will organize the strategy according to each person’s ability, the level of fishing also depends on luck. Day and night fishing, traveling on boats and encountering many giant fish species. The bigger they have, the more bonuses you get. Download A Girl Adrift mod, and exploit many valuable items to serve your fishing.

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